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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are ideal for people who need to SEE something visual in order to understand how it works. Teach-ICT has hundreds of brilliant video tutorials that teach you everything from the basics to advanced functionality in all the important software packages including

Microsoft Word (Word Processing) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/word/word.htm

Microsoft Excel (creating SPREADSHEETS) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/excel/excel.htm

Microsoft Power point (creating PRESENTATIONS and MULTIMEDIA INFO POINTS) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/ppt/powerpoint.htm

Microsoft Access (creating DATABASES) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/access/access.htm

Adobe Flash (Animations and game design) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/flash/flash.htm

Adobe Dreamweaver (Web Design) http://www.teach-ict.net/software/dreamweaver/dreamweaver.htm

Video Tutorials HOME (including frontpage, missionmaker, photoshop, publisher, audacity, more …) http://teach-ict.com/videohome.htm


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