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Finally – a way to understand Turing Machines ….

  Turing machines (named after a guy called Alan Turing) are a universal model of computation and play a central role in the theory of computation. TuringKara lets you solve many interesting Turing machine problems. It uses a two-dimensional ‘sheet’ as its external memory rather than the usual one-dimensional tape. This greatly simplifies your Turing machines for many problems, compared to Turing machines working on the standard tape. TuringKara illustrates typical problems such as basic arithmetic operations and pattern matching. Download the program here: Program: allkara-en.jar [2004/03/26, 5’000 KB]  and the user manual here: User’s manual: turingkara_manual-en.pdf or visit http://www.swisseduc.ch/compscience/karatojava/turingkara/


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