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Ever fantasise about teaching without having to actually SEE your learners?

Start your own course online

 The internet, as ever, makes this possible (I’m referring to the title) Setting up courses in the cloud is now a trend in online learning. Whether you are a training company, a non-profit trainer, an experienced hobbyist, or an educational institute, at some point you will want to tap into the cloud, attract new learners from around the globe, and start learning collaboratively. I recently came across MOOC:  It is free – it only costs you the time you put in it; You can attract a massive amount of learners; It enables all of the course participants to collaborate and learn from each other; and it will enhance knowledge, both in experts and novices. Oh, and also check out: http://docs.moodle.org/22/en/Create_your_own_course

What do you want to teach people?


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Blog your way to the bank

Make Money Blogging

A blog is a thing that – well, it’s what you’re reading. I’ve had a number of people ask me in the last few days, how or if people can make money blogging. The answer is yes. Blogs make money through having advertisements on them and also by selling products or services. The next question: How much? It, like most things in life, depends. On many things – hard work, luck ….you know. Some people make very little and give up. When starting out, you might only make a few pounds or dollars or rupees or whatever a month while you are building your readership. Over time you could quite easily earn an extra $£whatever1000 per month from advertising revenues. You may be interested to know that some top bloggers make a full living off their blog earning 5 or 6 figure incomes. Then there are the tippity top blogs that earn in the millions. So the potential is most certainly there! Click here: for a nice article (it’s where I got the picture and content from) on making money with WordPress. http://lifelearningtoday.com/2009/03/21/complete-guide-to-set-up-a-wordpress-blog-and-make-money/

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