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Design award-winning games fast, and without code!

Make Money creating gameshttp://www.stencyl.com/ is a very interesting site that allows you design complex flash based games fast, and without code. It requires download, but the interesting thing is that it allows you to then check out the different components that are involved in creating a game. You have the interface, but can also analyse (and edit and make new additions) to the events, behaviours and properties of objects and scenes. There is also a physics panel in which you can adjust settings such as “real world gravit y”! More importantly (depending on what you think is important of course) there is huge money making and fame-winning potential in the creation of these games. Games created by ordinary people on Stencyl have won awards, scored major sponsorships (from ArmorGames, Newgrounds, etc.), involved famous people or simply excelled on the market. They’re successes in every meaning of the word: racking up over 1 million of plays and passing the 5-figure mark in the best cases. You could be next! From a programming / computer science point of view, the stencyl interface allows you to analyse programming constructs such as conditional logic, iteration (loops) and object orientated programming.


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Event Planning?

Elry (see link at the end) claims to be the easiest way to build a beautiful webpage for your event. You can: Invite guests; Collect photos, videos, and stories and browse updates from your friends’ events. You can effectively create elegant invitation pages where your guests can see event details, RSVP, and add photos from their computers or services like Facebook and Picasa – all from one place. You can make rather beautiful full-screen landing pages for your event or experience in one step and it all only takes a few seconds. Choose from gorgeous pre-selected backgrounds or upload photos of your own. http://erly.com/

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Revenue generation and promoting user-engagement

People are always asking me how to make a quick buck, and how they might use the internet to do so. Well, the internet certainly does have potential for money making but you’ve still got to come up with a fantastic idea and see it through from start to finish. DEVHUB (see link at end) is an online site and by playing the DevHub game, you can easily build vertically-focused, media-rich destination sites that have the potential to generate revenue and promote user-engagement. http://www.devhub.com/editor/ Then there’s SHOPLY. Shoply is a hosted application which allows you to set up and run your own online shop. Shoply offers decentralized shopping software as well as a centralized shopping marketplace and directory. The site provides you with everything you need to run and grow your own shop, meet new people and effectively set up a business of your own in minutes. Finally (and in this post I’m just mentioning three of many many many) there is Betable with a single t. Betable is a place where you can bet with friends, family, colleagues and others on anything that interests you. With thousands of bets to choose from the betting marketplace and the ability to create your own bets, you’ll never run out of exciting things to bet on. What’s more, Betable lets you invite your friends and the greater betting community to bet with you so you can share the excitement and have some friendly competition.

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