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What’s in it for Linux?

A student recently asked me for a linux CD but then (I assume) went with Windows instead. Why? Why? Why? I have a feeling that people are still under the impression that you need to be a crazy computer geek to use Linux. It isn’t true! Desktop Linux is just as easy to use as any other mainstream operating system. Have a look at the new Ubuntu Linux 12.04’s Unity desktop (Gallery) here: http://www.zdnet.com/photos/a-first-look-at-ubuntu-1204-gallery/6352807?tag=content;siu-container


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Moonfruit: Set up your own online shop and app in minutes!

[submitted by David Cohen on October 25, 2011 7:29 PM]

One of the newest players in the Facebook storefront game reported a red-hot first two days.

ShopBuilder, launched by U.K.-based do-it-yourself website builder Moonfruit, officially launched October 19, and more than 4,500 storefronts went live within the first 48 hours, with 30 percent of those coming from the U.S., according to the company. That large number suggests that Moonfruit simply extended existing clients’ web storefronts onto Facebook pages enabled for commerce. Then again, the 4,500 is dwarfed by the nearly 4.2 million websites that the vendor has been responsible for. Moonfruit described ShopBuilder as an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution for Facebook, websites, and mobile, targeted toward small businesses and individuals. ShopBuilder is also integrated with PayPal, allowing users to begin accepting funds via the payment platform immediately by registering an email address, without the need for a merchant account. Moonfruit said integration with eBay and other online marketplaces will happen soon.

Here’s how Moonfruit describes ShopBuilder:

The Moonfruit ShopBuilder automatically publishes your shop onto web, mobile, and into Facebook. You only have to set up your shop once. It offers a mobile optimized checkout for phone shoppers integrated with PayPal. It allows you to push your products into your Facebook and Twitter stream. It allows your customers to like and tweet their browsing and buying habits. It can be designed and published by you like every other Moonfruit tool. It’s even free. The free version of the application includes advertisements, while ad-free versions of the app cost money.

Readers: Would you want to launch a Facebook store that included ads from other brands?

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50 Small Business Websites to Build using Moonfruit Sitemaker

Starting a small online business using Moonfruit sitemaker can be both exciting and rewarding but sometimes it can be difficult to know what type of business to open.

So to help inspire you here’s a list of 50 small business website ideas that you can use.

Photography -Baby Tips – Wedding Planning – Parenting Tips – Cake Making – Pet tips – Camping and Caravaning – Fishing – Travel – Student Resource – Arts and Crafts – Wood Products – Sewing – Knitting – Music – Movies – Small Business Advertising – Gardening tips – Sports – Computer Training – Ceramics – Antique collecting – Electronics – Small Business Service – Horse Riding
Bike Riding – Running – Fashion – Motor Racing – Fishing – Creative writing – Swimming – Surfing – Guitar playing – Singing Lessons – Playing the piano – Composing Music – Cooking Recipes – What’s on guide – Art – Astronomy – Chemistry – Boating – Electronics – Health – Vitamins – Medicine – Holidays – Animals – Religion – Languages

Get started at www.moonfruit.com

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Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage - Brain

Babbage Brain

More on that Charles Babbage (inventor of the analytical engine, pre-cursor of what we now call the ‘Computer’: Well, he was a great lover of facts and data – they intoxicated him and he is known to have said “the preservation of any fact might ultimately be useful”. He did all sorts of peculiar things like measure the heartbeat of a calf and attempt to affix a numerical value to the breath of a calf. He even spent valuable time conducting research on something as obscure as the relative frequency of the causes of the breaking of plate glass widows! His conclusions were that there were 464 breakages, 14 of which were caused by drunkenness. He delighted in the thought of having a daily account of the food consumed by zoo animals and the statistical analysis of the “proportion of sexes” amongst our poultry. The thing about facts is that they do all have some intrinsic value; some intrinsic meaning even, whatever meaning is. They are part of a bigger picture, a bigger truth. One day, we may be equipped with the brains and processing power to understand and analyse the patterns; to know why things were they way they were. But in that day, we won’t be talking in terms of before and after or were and will be. Time: the construct may have ceased to exist altogether. Then – will facts matter? What will matter? What does?

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The Future – Clifford Stoll

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#5 Set up a Virtual Business – Second Life!

Set-up a virtual business with Second Life

In the online virtual world of Second Life, you can buy and sell land, create clothes, set up a shop or anything else you can think of. Set up by Linden Labs, Second Life has experienced phenomenal growth. The ‘inworld economy’ of Second Life grew 94% between 2008 and 2009 and by the end of 2011 the equivalent value of all money held by users stood at $29.3 million.

That’s right, although Second Life is a virtual world, it has a very real economy. Ailin Graef, aka Anshe Chung, became the first person to make a real life million through Second Life. Its currency, the Linden dollar, can be exchanged at a rate of about 320 Linden dollars (L$) to £1, although it does fluctuate. If you’re handy with a keyboard and have a lot of spare time, this could be an interesting way to make some extra cash.

(from http://www.moneymagpie.com/article/best-money-making-websites)

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#4 Trade for free -risk-free!

Trade for free on the virtual stock market

TraderPlay is a new free website offering you the chance to try your hand risk free on a virtual stock market where you compete with other aspiring traders. It mirrors real-time financial data and offers cash prizes.

Players are awarded £1,000,000 of virtual money and use this to enter live trading competitions where their profits and losses contribute to the overall leaderboard. Gamers are encouraged to challenge friends and contacts to go head-to-head using the website’s in-built Facebook app, and see who has triumphed when the markets close. For those that show a natural skill, there is even real money to be won – or potentially the opportunity to catch the eye of industry headhunters.

Unlike many gaming sites, TraderPlay is completely risk free, plus there are real prizes to be won! So if you’ve ever fancied having a go on the stock market, here’s your chance!
(from http://www.moneymagpie.com/article/best-money-making-websites)

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#3 Cash – for your opinion

Complete online surveys for money

Here are our favourite paid survey sites. They’re completely free and have received a big thumbs-up from many of you. For maximum earnings why not set up a separate email account (so your personal one doesn’t get flooded with survey-related emails) and then register for free to all of them?:

Lightspeed – opt to receive rewards as cash (via PayPal) or as vouchers for Argos, M&S and Amazon and more
Toluna – convert points you earn into Amazon and HMV vouchers
GlobalTestMarket – pays $50 for every 1,000 points earned
Great Sites – register and complete a quick survey for the chance to win £5,000!
Valued Opinions – get entered into a prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when you sign up. Surveys pay 50p – £5 and your points will earn you vouchers for the likes of Amazon, M&S, Argos, Tesco, Boots, John Lewis and Miss Selfridge
Opinion Surveys – complete a survey and be entered into a draw to win £1,000!
Surveyhead – claim your rewards in cash via PayPal
Panelbase – earn between 25p and £10 per survey

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#2 Cash renting out your space for cash

Spareroom.co.uk – Rent out your space for cash

Got a spare room you don’t use? Or, if you really need the cash, could you move out of your bedroom and sleep in the sitting room to free it up to rent out?

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#1 Cash designing T-Shirts

Threadless.com – Earn cash designing T-shirts

Fancy yourself as a fashion guru? Then why not try your hand at designing your own T-shirt? It’s creative and fun – plus, if your creation proves popular with others, you can make money from your hobby.

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Websites and Money Making






and finally check out the following website’s projections: http://www.howthiswebsitemakesmoney.com/information/how-much-money-can-website-make.php

Apparently –
100 [dollars] / 17.7 [revenue per 1000 visitors] * 1000) = 5882

To make $100/day you need around 6,000 visitors a day. (This is not taking into account other revenue streams)

And: http://www.moneymagpie.com/article/best-money-making-websites

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