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£5260 raised for charity and next ICT Project!


Handing over cheque to Charities CHILDREN IN CRISIS & the Purley Cross Centre

Diploma in IT students from Archbishop Tenison’s School, Croydon, have raised £5260 for charity – with the help of A to Z Author Trevor Montague, the BBC Eggheads and Chess Grandmaster William Hartston – who attended a celebrity charity Quizzing Event on the 1st December 2010. Despite adverse weather conditions and many cancellations this very commendable amount was raised. Part of the funds went to support global Education (Children in Crisis) and the remaining amount will go towards the design and implementation of a local networking suite (for the elderly and local businesses) Students have already come up with a 3D flyby (proposing what the new centre will look like), a network diagram and detailed budget for the purchase of components and network parts. Directed and managed entirely by students (with teacher supervision) this project (for Unit 5, Managing Technology Systems, of the Diploma courses) will help students learn invaluable skills about team work, networking, (hardware and software) budgeting, working practices and business recommendations.  Wendy Nodding, director of the Purley Cross Centre, commented that this is what Mr Cameron’s BIG SOCIETY is about. Employers helping to inspire and engage young people, as well as encouraging citizenship and enterprise through giving back to the community. Watch the video (promoting the quizzing event and illustrating the proposals for the networked suite (created by Tevin Matthew, year 12)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3iIfrgV1Hc

Geewai with Lucy (Children in Crisis) and Wendy Nodding (Purley Cross Centre)


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