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post-event thoughts – Mary Dalman

Ms Dalman walked for a few miles to get to the event (and then back again when it finished) and was part of the crucial scoring team.  Now working with the languages department at Tenison’s, she was an experienced events manager, and we were so grateful to have her expertise – thank you! Please read her (very nicely encapsulated) blurb on the event below.


Wow, what a success!  A fabulous atmosphere, lots of laughs and smiles, a good meal, fabulous raffle prizes, a dedicated event team, a fantastic Quiz, a skilful Quizmaster and a table of impressive Eggheads!  The students had worked tirelessly focussing on different aspects to bring together this complex event and demonstrate their astonishing IT skills.  Enthusiasm and IT expertise produced superb music and TV theme rounds whose technical complexities would have daunted most of us, and left me in awe; the whizzy electronic scoreboard was simply great with accurate data entry under extreme pressure; the coaxing persuasion of the raffle ticket sellers, the wonderful collection service for quiz papers, and the focus on customer service as table hosts to make the evening special for our guests were all integral to the ‘Quizzing with the Eggheads’ experience.  The way the students were able to alter things so quickly to follow the Quizmaster’s lead when it was necessary to shorten the programme was simply fantastic, it was done before anyone noticed that anything was happening!  Thorough planning, a calm approach, enthusiasm and drive, all bound together with excellent communication and outstanding teamwork … the essential ingredients for a successful event, especially such a dynamic one as this.  The IT Diploma team certainly got the mix right!

It was wonderful to hear the way students spoke from the heart and so movingly about what they had learnt and the causes they identify very strongly with and were raising funds for.   They appreciate how relatively lucky they are with their own lives and clearly all share a strong desire to improve things for others.  There cannot have been anyone in the room who was left unmoved.  It was a very good advert for the Tenisonian values, as well as Tenaciter!

The scoring corner was often ‘heads down’ and the concentration makes the pictures look very serious, but we had a great time!  We had to be on our toes, react to changes very fast in order to keep the scoreboard up to date.  This was a particular challenge when the answer sheets came flooding in during the second half as the tempo was increased, it felt like the Grand National played on ultra fast speed! However, all the fences were jumped cleanly and we all know that every race has a winner …….. and that was the success of the event with the money that is has raised.

I felt privileged to have been able to help the team in any way.  It was great to work with them, the team spirit simply shone through!  When I joined Tenison’s a year ago one of the things I was looking for was a school where I could contribute to a real community feel, as well as take up a role with new exciting challenges …….. I have certainly found it!

The students and their IT teaching staff deserve to be very proud.  I just wish the whole school and their families could have been there to experience it and to share in their sense of achievement and amazement at the money raised for such wonderful causes.

Note from organisers:

We are still waiting on payment from a few parties, and these are payable by cheque to the school.

Please note that you are still able to donate to these two worthy charities on the JUSTGIVING site:



So – a wonderful evening, despite some of the worst weather conditions EVER!


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