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Diploma in IT sudent -Omar Banharally and Mr Beachcomber …

Omar Banharally, student from Archbishop Tenison’s, interviewed Mr Beachcomber himself. See the edited version (more to come) on youtube here. Version #1. Scroll down for the Daily Express article and read the Educated Musings blog here

How amazing is this?!


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Daily Express Wed, 22 December – Beachcomber column

Pick up the Express this Wednesday and look out for a mention of our “Quizzing event of the year”  in the Beachcomber column.

Beachcomber – the word – brings peculiar (entirely un column-writing related) things to mind.  In my imagination I see some sort of creature (prehistoric bird-like) piously raking through the golden sands of an idyllic beach with a giant comb.  I did of course look the term up:  Wikkipedia, not Wakkipedia provided a definition that didn’t include mythological bird like creatures, but did make mention of combing (searching) a beach! “Beachcombing and Beachcomber are words with multiple, but related, meanings that have evolved over time. A beachcomber is someone who “combs” (or searches) the beach, and the intertidal zone in general, looking for things of value, interest or utility.”

Further note on Beachcomber: In 1924 John Cameron Audrieu Bingham Michael Morton took over authorship of the column “By The Way” in the Daily Express. He inherited the pseudonym ‘Beachcomber’ from his predecessors on the job (the column had existed since 1917), but he was to make that name forever his own by virtue of his astonishing output and success: Morton wrote the column for over 50 years, six times a week, until 1965 when the column became a weekly feature, and continued to the last column in November 1975.

J B Morton used an eccentric cast of regular characters in his sketches, which frequently caricatured self-important and high-brow public figures [from http://www.edwards.eclipse.co.uk/beachcom.htm]

Omar. B with William Hartston

William Hartston, former British Chess Champion and founder of Wakkipedia, is the current author of its revived form. Wakkipedia is an absolutely fantastic site.  It includes a “Wakkiversaries” section as well as the “Wakki Fact of the day”.

You can take the Wakki quiz or search by topic/subject for wakki wisdom on almost anything! Today’s interesting wakkiversary – “Dec 20, 1957 Elvis Presley was called up to join the army.”

Tagline: “a worldwide wastebin of wonderfully weird and wacky wisdom” and “an encyclopedia of pointless information”

Definitions of pointless on the Web:

  • not having a point especially a sharp point; “my pencils are all pointless”
  • otiose: serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being; “otiose lines in a play”; “advice is wasted words”; “a pointless remark”
  • pointlessness – The lack of meaning, purpose, or ideas; the characteristic or condition of being pointless en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pointlessness

A Wakkipedia fact states that: “‘Albert Einstein’ is an anagram of ‘Ten Elite Brains'” and that “According to a diary kept by Einstein’s friend Johanna Fantova, he was given a parrot as a present for his 75th birthday. After diagnosing the parrot as suffering from depression, Einstein told it bad jokes to cheer it up.”

On the other hand …

Wikkipedia (and other scientific journals) will tell you that one of Einstein’s great insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of the same thing. Matter can be turned into energy, and energy into matter. E=MC2

In the grand, grand scheme of things, what sort of facts mean more?

Coming soon: Omar Banharally’s interview with William Hartston. In it they discuss the wonderful game of Chess as well as the inspiration behind Wakkipedia.com …

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The L.I.F.E Experience group on Enterprise, the Eggheads event and the Diploma in IT

The L.I.F.E. Experience is an organization with a social purpose.  Our primary mission is to prepare the youth today for life tomorrow, whilst complying closely with the Department for Education (DfE) Government initiatives. We work hard to inspire and increase the self-efficacy of young people, whilst supplementing curriculum based education, effectively.  The services delivered have continued to improve and change the outcomes of young people, from an educational and social perspective. This has been successfully achieved through delivering personal development workshops, one-on-one mentoring and keynote speeches in schools, universities and community spaces.

“The programme really helped during my GCSE’s. The skills they taught us are the types of things we don’t learn in the classroom, but relate directly. I would definitely  recommend it to all students!”

Tim Tella, Archbishop Tenisons

We have additionally managed to build up a roster of several corporate business contacts. This has created scope towards involvement in enterprise/business link programs, such as the IT Diploma.  As a result, our involvement within the Diploma allowed us to embark on an adventurous journey to the Croydon park hotel, braving the elements!! On the night, The L.I.F.E. Experience table had a few empty seats, as some of the guests fell victim to the adverse conditions. This did not dampen spirits however, as the overall turnout was commendable.  Croydon TV covered a very well organized event, as we prepared to take on the other tables of guests, and not to mention the BBC’s very own Eggheads! As the evening progressed we began to realize that the competition was extremely stiff… After a valiant effort we found ourselves near the bottom of the league table, though managed to win an ‘A-Z sport’ book in the true/false round. Some form of consolation! The Eggheads were unsurprisingly impressive, coming in first place, but fine food and some great banter made the night a real success.

Apart from the obvious spectacle of the Eggheads, the real stars were the students. Their levels of organization, alongside Miss Benjamin and the other members of staff involved were outstanding, even with the snow and so forth. They initially displayed excellent confidence and presentation skills, notably Omar and Roddard. The other students worked diligently behind the scenes, showcasing their IT/media skills throughout the quiz! A very inspiring group of students and the L.I.F.E. Experience team can’t wait to work alongside them, on the IT Diploma. Moving forward the L.I.F.E. Experience feel that programs such as the IT Diploma will be very relevant.  From the perspective of student development, they incorporate theory based and practical learning which can be a major asset. Business links and getting out into the “real world” helps them grow into young adults and gives them invaluable life experience. We aim to continue our personal development workshops (in the process of gaining accreditation from mentoring & befriending foundation) and deliver Edexcel accredited programs, whilst continuing to work on future IT Diploma, Enterprise and applied business/IT projects.


Twitter: @lifeoflondon


Facebook: The L.I.F.E. Experience 




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The Integrated Quiz System from the night + Promo Video

Whether or not you were there on the night, this is a fantasic piece of work entirely created by Alistair Wick, Year 12 student at Archbishop Tenison’s system.  Geewai Chiu collaborated on the scoring system – an original idea and implemented to perfection on the night! The Integrated Quizzing System was created in the latest version of ppt and included embedded music, other features and stunning design adapted for viewing on a large screen.

Tevin Matthew created this video using Windows Live Movie Maker.  A promo video for the Evening with the Eggheads Quizzing event. It includes information about the charities and a 3D depiction of Alistair Wick’s proposal for the Purley Cross Centre (done as part of the students networking project and proposals) There were comments that his work was  better than any of the best professional promo videos seen (done for charity events) in the past. Well done Tevin! Turn up your sound and enjoy!

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The Eggheads come to Croydon – reflection by best selling author of the A to Z series and host for the evening, Trevor Montague

Trevor’s Blog (he likes to write A LOT!)

BBC Eggheads Came to Croydon

Sometimes you feel there are defining moments in your life, pivotal times when your hopes and aspirations have the propensity to be dashed beyond recall and only God’s grace can save the day – last evening was such an occasion.

To satisfy the module requirements of the Diploma in IT, a new schools initiative which combines A-Level theory with real world practice, seven local students from Archbishop Tenison school had spent most of the Autumn school term meticulously planning a quiz night at the Croydon Park Hotel in aid of Children in Crisis and the local Purley Cross Centre.

Being an old family friend through church of Ruth Benjamin, the school’s diploma line lead, I was recruited as part of the steering committee and during our first meeting Miss Benjamin suggested the idea of a quiz event and I subsequently had the idea of getting the famous BBC Eggheads on board. We had no idea what a journey it would be – especially for the kids – gaining many wonderful experiences (spiritual as well as physical) along the way. Miss Benjamin wrote one of the schemes of work for a Diploma practical (enterprise, team work and event management) unit which includes all the things we did along the way. The IT used was significant and the business skills developed quite amazing for 16-year-old children – children who I witnessed growth into young adulthood as the weeks went by.

After several planning meetings at the school over the course of the past few months we felt we had catered for all eventualities and there was a real buzz of excitement as D-Day approached. What could possibly go wrong? The Magnificent Seven and their equally splendid IT teachers, Ruth had managed to sell a room full of tables, persuade me to front the event and also book (free of charge) the famous BBC Egghead team as the guests of honours. Lucy Porter, the events organiser for Children In Crisis, had gifted us some spectacular raffle prizes and we also had a damned good quiz using some intricate powerpoint technology in line with the course description.

HOWEVER, to quote Robert Burns (one of the answers in the quiz) the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry – and who would have thought that Wednesday 1st December 2010 would experience the worst weather conditions ever seen on the first day of December in living memory!

On the morning of the event the Seven and their teachers arrived at the hotel bright and early to make their final preparations and were immediately hit with the bombshell that Daphne Fowler could simply not get out of Weston-super-Mare due to heavy snow falls and so now we were an Egghead down and morale was definitely low. Everything was set and in place. The tables were laid out immaculately and the raffle prizes filled a whole room. Grahame Harding, the co-founder of CiC had kindly donated a night at the famous London Ritz for two people; the Duchess of York, Grahame’s co-founder, had donated two brand new Dolce and Gabbana dresses from her own collection; there were golfing breaks and paintball experiences; solid silver bracelets, Egghead memorabilia (including one of CJ’s more colourful shirts worn on the show), books signed by myself, William Hartston (the former British chess champion who now writes for the Express in the guise of Beachcomber) and Paul Donnelley, a very well respected reference book writer of numerous trivia books – and too many more great prizes to list here.

Reports came through about the worsening conditions. I set out from my Crawley home mid morning and arrived at the venue just after 1pm and as I left my car who should I see walking towards the hotel but my dear old friend Chris Hughes. My spirits are always lifted when I see Chris and more so on this occasion when I considered that he had managed to travel down from Crewe that morning. Chris and I settled down in the bar area with Andrew Tringham, the head of IT at Tenison’s, while awaiting Chris’s room to be availed and although news began to filter through of a table cancellation due to the ever-worsening weather, we were again heartened when Kev Ashman wandered in after having an horrendous journey from Paris causing him to miss a crucial match in the Quiz League of London the night before.

News of two more table cancellations came through before the earlier than expected arrival of Mr CJ De Mooi looking as fresh-faced and vibrant as ever. CJ had cut short some filming to accommodate the students and had driven from Wales in blissful ignorance of the severe weather in the south east region. When I spoke with him the night before he was full of cold and with a three-month-solid schedule ahead beginning next week with panto rehearsals for his starring role as the all-knowing Emperor in Aladdin at the Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, and ending with some film work in New York, I didn’t think it prudent to discuss the weather – very un-British of us!

Pat Gibson arrived next – he had travelled down from Wigan and although it was difficult for him to find a train running south initially, he eventually had a fairly uneventful journey. Pat and I chilled for a while in his room as I had not seen much of him since his extraordinary run of quiz successes in recent years culminating in him becoming the first legitimate claimant to Kevin’s crown as the world’s best quiz player. Pat won this year’s world quizzing championship by a staggering eleven points and to use a snooker analogy is catching Kev in the same way that Ronnie O’Sullivan is eating away at Stephen Hendry’s record tally of century breaks.
Although I have been close friends with Kev for many years and love and respect him like a brother I think it is probably healthy that he no longer dominates the world of quiz in the fashion he once did and if anyone was ever going to rival him I must admit I am over the moon it is an Irish man – so no more Irish jokes please!

So now we were all feeling slightly more relieved that at least 80 per cent of the ‘talent’ had arrived and Barry had messaged through that although he had managed to make the trek from Leeds he was running late and would not be arriving until approximately 6pm, which was cutting things fine.

We were all a little panicky at this point as John Ruskin College, Norbury Manor School, and Croydon College, all wonderful institutions that pioneer vocational learning and prioritise enterprise and dynamic learning, and all of which had bought and paid for tables, were forced to abandon ship as the roads were hardly navigable by now. I know the students and organisers were grateful for their support and I’m sure there will be mutual support of any upcoming collaborative events. A huge thank you to them for supporting this important event and I’m so sorry they couldn’t be there!

I know it seems bizarre that the Eggheads managed to make the trek from all parts of the country whilst locals in Croydon struggled but in severe weather conditions the most difficult part of your journey is often escaping the street where you live.

Only three tables had actually confirmed at this juncture and as the meals were all pre-booked the ever-ingenious team were conjuring up all sorts of contingency ideas. The hotel would not let us approach their guests however and there just wasn’t anyone around on the streets we could usher in to offer a free meal, although I understand Andrew Tringham managed to coerce a family member or two along – good man!

Grahame Harding arrived now with his delightful partner, Paula. It was an absolute joy to see them as they are the kind of people that go about their business in a very unassuming manner forever doing good deeds and yet are at the very top of their profession, hence unbelievably busy and focused. Grahame’s company First City Care is responsible for the security of the Bank of England and he himself was responsible for the security of Diana, Princess of Wales in the latter part of her life. I know the children and staff would like to thank Grahame for his very generous raffle gift of a night at the Ritz for two and also for his and Paula’s general support.

By now there was no more time for contingencies as 6.30 approached and the reception was due to begin and there was still no sign of Barry Simmons. I now did what I always do before any situation where I feel helpless and a little apprehensive – I prayed. Not that I hadn’t been praying in church prior to the event and indeed on several occasions during the day but this was just my little special prayer to ask God to take away any glory that might be inadvertently directed towards me as the front man as I was only too aware that my input was negligible in comparison to Ruth and Preya’s and totally insignificant compared to the efforts of Alice, Alistair, Geewai, Matt, Omar, Roddard and Tevin, our Magnificent Seven.

And so we began. I had already spoken to Bill Hartston earlier but we exchanged a few words now. Bill was a huge star in the world of chess in bygone days and had a very popular television series introducing chess for beginners. Bill is the radical thinking Beachcomber in the Daily Express and his latest project of developing his Wakkipedia website has already proven popular with the school students. Although Bill was an old friend I first met at the Mind Sports Olympiads over a decade ago, Paul Donnelley was someone I only knew through our mutual friend, the late great Jeremy Beadle and it was a delight to meet the man that Jeremy ranked so highly in the world of reference books. My final words were in the company of Chris Hughes and Miss Benjamin’s parents, Chris and Monica before I took the short walk into the hall to ask everyone to take their seats.

Now was the moment of truth as I did a Brian Hanrahan and counted them all out as they entered the room. Once I had counted one hundred I breathed a sigh of relief. The weather that had done its best to defeat us, had lost.

I introduced the Eggheads individually and before introducing CJ I told the story of how the Eggheads came about as a result of a project called the Dream Team that I took part in the year before the series started. I remarked that when they were looking to replace me for the Eggheads gig the producers were looking for another multiple quiz show champion who was a member of Mensa and also incredibly good looking and I suggested as this was impossible they were forced to settle for CJ. Although this received the ironic laughter I had planned the truth is of course CJ is a member of Mensa and a multiple quiz show champion like myself and I have to very reluctantly admit that some might find him a little more aesthetically pleasing on the eye than myself – but please don’t tell him so.

At this point I was informed that Barry was waiting in the wings and so a hurried introduction as the winner of the 2008 series of Are You An Egghead? was made followed by the observation that as Barry had danced with Diana Ross and alongside Princess Anne in the past perhaps we might catch him on ‘Strictly’ next year! Anyone working on the show take note!

Before commencement of the quiz Roddard gave a short inspirational speech and then CJ, who really was most helpful throughout the evening, and at this point the worst nightmare of an MC occurred, the microphones began to die creating that all too familar Norman Collier staccato sound where only every other word is heard – which can be tricky when asking quiz questions. Jeremy Beadle had always taught me to check the mikes before the event and I used to take considerable time in doing so for him but I’m fairly sure the problem was with the direction of the two speakers and the raised platform in between them creating a feedback effect. However we soldiered on manfully, refusing to let this diminish the proceedings in any way and a great time was had by all.

The Eggheads were briefly headed by Harding’s Heroes after Round 2 but by the end of proceedings normal service was resumed although the last Wipeout round meant the Heroes, who won the main quiz proper, could have defeated the Eggheads with a full house but alas took one chance too many and blew out at the final hurdle. Archbishop Tenison’s resident genius – Richard Jenkins – was on the celebrity table and there were a number of comments about how much he knew!

There are so many people to thank for ensuring the evening was such a splendid success, not least of which are the seven children who worked so tirelessly all evening to supply my every demand and producing facts and figures as if by magic. In alphabetical order the Seven are: Alice who did the entire design for the raffles, all the packing, organisation, selling, lifted spirits, maintained order with the boys, didn’t sit down for a second, worked so hard and had to leave early so received no on-night praise. Alice is quiet, consistent, reliable and positive. Alistair is a technical genius. He created a number of templates from flyer to quiz PowerPoint better than many professionals could ever hope to do. He integrated the music with PowerPoint, ran the entire quiz at the helm, flawlessly, didn’t even stop to eat (stuffed a sandwich down his throat during the main meal) and is one of the most talented IT people on the planet! Geewai did the entire scoring spreadsheet system that worked beautifully, transferred scores precisely and meticulously. He is a mathematician, is persistent – he got Centrale on board for sponsorship – and modest. Matt is confident, calm, positive and organised. He drew up the guest lists, liaising with hotel staff, organised the tables, rooms, music, and sorted out all the technicalities. He was always willing to do anything, is helpful and always cheery. Omar is an excellent communicator. He gave a moving speech at half time, and is generally dogged and determined. He is a good motivator, positive, hard working and inspirational. Rodard gave a great opening speech. He was the lead negotiator, organiser, motivator, communicator and sales person. He exudes an air of calm authority and is very mature for his young years. Rodard made such an impressive pitch to a company (during a sales round) that he was offered a part-time job (which he took!) The company staff apparently booked a table but were unable to make it due to the snow unfortunately. I even spied Rodard selling raffle tickets on the night. Tevin lifted people’s spirits on the evening. He is a creative wonder and created the promo video that was better than any professional promos I’ve seen and even Lucy at CiC admitted he produced something that she would find difficult to match. Tevin produced a lot of the technical stuff for the quiz and spent many hours downloading music and clipping them for integration. He worked tirelessly.

Another integral part of the team was Ms Mary Dalman who offered great support in the last week when numbers *due to snow threats* were dwindling. Mary checked the quiz, proofed it, prepared contingency plan when four tables cancelled, did the scoring, marking and didn’t stop all evening and was completely invaluable and amazing. I had total confidence in her ability and I can tell you, having undertaken marking duties myself in years gone by, it is one of the most demanding jobs of all as the time pressure is enormous. Miss Preya Syal worked tirelessly all evening – walking for miles to get there from Sanderstead in the first place- and ensuring every detail was being looked after – from speeches to raffles – to collecting money and scoring. Wendy Nodding and Pam Bryan from Purley Cross Centre worked closely with the students and encouraged and supported them from start to finish. Although our paths never crossed during the run-up to the big day I had met them both several years ago when I attended my first Alpha Course at their church. What a small world it is. I’m very pleased to say that Pam won the Night at the Ritz – yippee. Robin Walker is the Croydon TV director. In a meeting with him at his South Norwood offices prior to the event I was most impressed with his set-up. The small but very functional recording studio annexing the office was particularly impressive and was complete with travelling matte, probably better known to most of you as a ‘blue screen’ although if memory serves me Robin’s back drop screen which can create almost any image you desire, was green. Robin is keen to encourage enterprise and collaboration between schools and schools and businesses. Robin gave a short talk on the evening and I must apologise on behalf of the hotel for his microphone dying on him midway through his speech. Of course we can watch back their edit of the night on Croydon TV when it is out and hopefully some of the mike problems will be magically eradicated. Jim Parrish is head of sixth form and gave a short conclusion at the end. Good to have him there and supporting his talented sixth formers. Joy Langley the Deputy Head Mistress who walked for miles to the venue, generally supported and even made phonecalls herself at the last minute in an effort to retrieve the situation when we had four tables cancel in rapid succession! Miss Langley motivated staff and students all the way through and was ever present. So important I feel for members of Senior Leadership to support students in innovation and enterprise – and this was done magnificently.

I understand Richard Parrish – the headmaster -was stuck in Three Bridges but his support was very much appreciated.

I’d also like to thank on behalf of the school Alan Potter – Director for Education who was a great example by braving the conditions to support such a wonderful schools initiative. He was on a table with other Croydon Council employees – notably Paula Dunkley and Mike Smith (consultants in the 14-19 group) who were involved in providing support and inspiration for the Diplomas through 2009-10. Their help was invaluable and again, the fact they were there was amazing.

I know I’ve mentioned Lucy Porter previously but Lucy arrived early and was always encouraging and helpful before during and after the event and had to brave the elements to travel to the Oval immediately after the quiz.

Another lady I have already mentioned in passing but feel I have to give a special thank you to is Ruth Benjamin for being involved in every aspect of the planning of the event, being encouraging, inspirational and hard working well above and beyond the call of duty. This lady, who I know will not thank me for singing her praises.

And of course I must not forget the Eggheads themselves who always made themselves available for photographs and travelled vast differences in ridiculous and obscene conditions (and CJ for one had extreme difficulties getting home after his car had to be towed off the M4 at considerable cost to himself). I know each one of them sacrificed a lot to attend but it is a mark of the importance people like them attach to education that made me know that they would want to be involved. A huge thank you to Chris, Barry, CJ, Pat and Kevin. I hope they all managed to arrive home safely today as they are in the middle of a long winning streak at present : ) It is just a shame we didn’t have more time as Chris was going to entertain us with a song as he is a thrice weekly attendant at his local karaoke (you really don’t know half the stuff these megabrains get up to) and I had organised a surprise game of table tennis between Pat Gibson, who was the captain of his university team and Ritchie Venner, the national vets champion who was part of the winning Harding’s Heroes team. Having watched Ritchie play on innumerable occasions I had planned to make a killing on the fixed odds betting. It would have been such pleasant payback for all the times Pat pummels him on the Grand Prix circuit.

So that’s about it. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone but I would just like to add a few words of my own regarding the evening. I have lost count many moons ago at how many quizzes I have hosted and co-hosted with the likes of dear-departed greats such as Jeremy Beadle and Magnus Magnusson. Things have not always gone smoothly even with those class acts and on the only other occasion I personally had microphone problems I was heckled mercilessly and the comedian I had booked for the auction refused to go on and it ended in a near riot. I immediately had flashbacks when the unthinkable occurred but I needn’t have worried as every single person in that room was so kind, focused and giving I can honestly say it was the most satisfying evening I have ever experienced in so many respects. To share the evening with old friends who I love and respect was reward enough but to make so many new friends on the night is something I don’t usually experience at such gatherings so from a personal point of view I would like to thank all those at Archbishop Tenison who made this an event worthy of its name.

God Bless you all

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Video Draft

Check out the Video (click link below)

via Quizzing Event of the Year – Eggheads come to Croydon!.

Article in the papers (Croydon Guardian, Omar Oakley) http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/8733479.print/

The quotes were mistakenly put down as being mine! And the spin on it wasn’t at all what we wanted (there goes our planned press release) but oh well …

Students will create post-event videos as part of their Multimedia Unit.

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post-event thoughts – Mary Dalman

Ms Dalman walked for a few miles to get to the event (and then back again when it finished) and was part of the crucial scoring team.  Now working with the languages department at Tenison’s, she was an experienced events manager, and we were so grateful to have her expertise – thank you! Please read her (very nicely encapsulated) blurb on the event below.


Wow, what a success!  A fabulous atmosphere, lots of laughs and smiles, a good meal, fabulous raffle prizes, a dedicated event team, a fantastic Quiz, a skilful Quizmaster and a table of impressive Eggheads!  The students had worked tirelessly focussing on different aspects to bring together this complex event and demonstrate their astonishing IT skills.  Enthusiasm and IT expertise produced superb music and TV theme rounds whose technical complexities would have daunted most of us, and left me in awe; the whizzy electronic scoreboard was simply great with accurate data entry under extreme pressure; the coaxing persuasion of the raffle ticket sellers, the wonderful collection service for quiz papers, and the focus on customer service as table hosts to make the evening special for our guests were all integral to the ‘Quizzing with the Eggheads’ experience.  The way the students were able to alter things so quickly to follow the Quizmaster’s lead when it was necessary to shorten the programme was simply fantastic, it was done before anyone noticed that anything was happening!  Thorough planning, a calm approach, enthusiasm and drive, all bound together with excellent communication and outstanding teamwork … the essential ingredients for a successful event, especially such a dynamic one as this.  The IT Diploma team certainly got the mix right!

It was wonderful to hear the way students spoke from the heart and so movingly about what they had learnt and the causes they identify very strongly with and were raising funds for.   They appreciate how relatively lucky they are with their own lives and clearly all share a strong desire to improve things for others.  There cannot have been anyone in the room who was left unmoved.  It was a very good advert for the Tenisonian values, as well as Tenaciter!

The scoring corner was often ‘heads down’ and the concentration makes the pictures look very serious, but we had a great time!  We had to be on our toes, react to changes very fast in order to keep the scoreboard up to date.  This was a particular challenge when the answer sheets came flooding in during the second half as the tempo was increased, it felt like the Grand National played on ultra fast speed! However, all the fences were jumped cleanly and we all know that every race has a winner …….. and that was the success of the event with the money that is has raised.

I felt privileged to have been able to help the team in any way.  It was great to work with them, the team spirit simply shone through!  When I joined Tenison’s a year ago one of the things I was looking for was a school where I could contribute to a real community feel, as well as take up a role with new exciting challenges …….. I have certainly found it!

The students and their IT teaching staff deserve to be very proud.  I just wish the whole school and their families could have been there to experience it and to share in their sense of achievement and amazement at the money raised for such wonderful causes.

Note from organisers:

We are still waiting on payment from a few parties, and these are payable by cheque to the school.

Please note that you are still able to donate to these two worthy charities on the JUSTGIVING site:



So – a wonderful evening, despite some of the worst weather conditions EVER!

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More to come – Just a few pics from the evening!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More pictures (gallery) here: http://s1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd387/MissBenjamin/

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23:48 – from preparing for max 20 people to a nearly full house (despite cancellations)

WELL DONE EVERYONE! More on the wonderful evening we just had (against ALL ODDS!) and the roller-coaster ride leading up to it – as soon as I manage to find a way to write about it! Students – you were so incredible it’s impossible for me to describe (but I will – soon). Thank you Miss Syal, Mr Tringham and Ms Dalman – all the details came together perfectly because you were there. The Eggheads and Trevor – we are all in your debt. Thank you for making the evening such a success! I’ve ALREADY had so many texts to say how amazing everyone thought it was. Pictures…Video….and More soon. Croydon TV is bringing out their production of the event shortly. Link posted here.

Many of us were at the hotel (school closed) from about 12. The Eggheads started to arrive and we were assuring them of putting on a good evening although preparing for perhaps a max of 20 guests (because of the snow). It was odd preparing for both the worst case scenario and the best! Students just got on with it. In fact – they were so positive and focused (despite all) it was an inspiration.

Here are some of the before-the-event-pictures.

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