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Event going ahead – despite Snow!

Yep – we’re covered, against all odds and many prayers, under a blanket of snow. Most teachers (including me) have had to leave their cars at the school and take public transport home. It’s well and truly treacherous and set to continue in to tomorrow and Thursday. (according to all eternal pessimists and the MET Office) So where does that leave us? I sent an e-mail out to all table contacts reminding them that this was all for charity and these weather conditions simply could not have been foreseen. Furthermore the hotel has already made the catering order and taken payment with the suite (and accept no negotiations or rescheduling) which means going ahead is our only option. Events insurance (We were looking into this a week or so ago) doesn’t cover cancellation due to weather (unless the weather posed a threat to LIFE OR LIMB (which we’ll never be able to prove) so taking out that would have been useless. On the bright side – what a great experience this has been. Lots for students to write about from a legal point of view (Croydon Park Hotel’s contracts + cancellation rights + data protection + payment etc) and even more interesting twists and turns to add to their reports (once we are back under controlled conditions) I think the students have been through it all in the preparation and planning for this one event! (a range of emotions, situations and incidents) I suppose if it had all run like clockwork it would have been boring!

IT MATERIALS PREPARED FOR THE QUIZZING EVENT – available soon as a free downloadable pack

So – operation “Go ahead against all odds in fiercely hostile weather conditions” looks like the only plan we have going! All the IT materials for the quiz are in place. Notably, the quizzing Template (it’s truly amazing) with integrated questions, music rounds etc (created by the incredible Alistair Wick) – He can add this to his growing professional portfolio of copyrighted creative designs.  Geewai’s scoring system (very complex and perfectly implemented) along with the answer sheet packs beautifully designed and printed by Alice. Omar and Rodard have both contributed to the questions and general organisation/negotiation of the event but are also integral to the evening with their prepared speeches.  Tevin tireless worked to get the music downloaded, clipped, trimmed and integrated. He also designed the programme for the evening and a very moving video that will be played at the start. Matthew and Alice stayed behind on Monday after-school for a few hours to organise all the raffle prizes, list them, put them into appropriate bundles and wrap them too! What a huge task – and thank you for doing this without even a hint of complaint! All these items will be available for use for all event attendees and presented as a downloadable pack from http://www.teachingict.net


Despondent (but strangely positive and wonderful) students met me outside the staffroom at lunch and we made a brief plan for tomorrow. No run through took place (like planned) so it’s going to involve a bit of winging it on the night … Alterations to the quiz and programme will also need to be made to cater for people wanting to leave early.


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  1. Wow! That’s quite a layer of snow.

    Glad that the event was a success!

    Comment by RAP | December 3, 2010 | Reply

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