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To be or not to be … in control … (snow, illness)

Just when you forget that you were never in control in the first place, something happens to ensure you remember! All the planning and hard work in the world are no match for things that are simply not in our hands. Illness is one, and the weather is another. Today two IT teachers were taken ill (both integral to the event) and even though I’m much better and will (God willing) be fine for Monday, there is more … the weather forecast predicts heavy snow for Tuesday and Wednesday! (the exact days that are crucial) Now is that a coincidence or is that a coincidence? The hotel wrote an entirely confusing e-mail (trying to cover their own back and ensure no losses) and it’s another one of those disheartening times. Realistically, what is there to do at this stage? Events Insurance was never an option as the policy (I’ve looked at a couple) all outline that cancellation of an event due to weather is not covered. We could cancel, but the weather could end up being perfect. Cancelling now (by some) would be viewed as “cutting our losses” but I can’t help but think it would also be an entirely faithless thing to do …

How ironic – that we are fully booked (against all odds) and then are faced with a potential severe weather warning that could ruin the event. (Remember, the Eggheads are coming down from all over the country – Kevin, in fact, is flying down from Paris on the Tuesday)

I had a chat with Trevor Montague – the quiz master for the event – he is currently writing the quiz. We decided the only way to be was positive and to believe things will work out for the best. Now what we do is hope and trust that there will not be snow (as predicted) but that the winds will change direction and it’ll be sunny OR that even with the snow it’ll be perfect with no disruptions whatsoever! Hope is a wonderful thing (especially when there are no other options).  Trusting (when you know it is not in your control) is another wonderful (but very difficult) thing to do –

Watch this space …


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