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150 people confirmed and good planning meeting

So….quite miraculously….out of the blue…..we appear to have 150 people confirmed. Two tables confirming literally yesterday (Thursday 25th November). Full capacity….and planning is well under way.  We have more auction/raffle items than we know what to do with (way too many books) and it’s interesting to note that a few weeks ago we all were ready to give up. Loads of interest but no confirmed bookings and it all looked completely and utterly impossible. Trevor came down to meet the students and we had an initial run through of the evening. Omar and Rodard had written two absolutely stunning speeches. Everyone else had met the deadline for their various (all equally important) contributions. Notably Tevin and Alistair with the music and actual quiz presentation (ensuring it will be seamless), Geewai with his design for the scoring system, Alice and Matt with a script for the in-house filming and other important design/layout/print considerations for the evening. We also went down to Croydon Park Hotel for a meeting with the events manager there.

Rodard, Alistair and Geewai led the negotiations there and we came to an agreement (not ideal and not what had been agreed verbally) but an agreement nonetheless.

Difficult Negotiations with the Croydon Park Hotel (on the details of technicalities, budget, resources, staff etc)
















…hey, but they have a great Christmas tree out front.


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