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Pics: Presenting Network Proposals for the PCCentre

The candidates on this years BBC Apprentice show could learn a thing or two from our amazing students….Well done!

Team Light: Tevin, Geewai and Alistair (Left to Right)

This afternoon both teams presented their network proposals to Wendy Nodding and Pam Bryan from the Purley Cross Centre (Rachael was unable to be there). A small conference room in the Purley Baptist Church premises had been booked for the purpose and the students didn’t fail to impress. Team Archten went first and their presentation was thoroughly researched, comprehensive and very thoughtful. They considered all alternatives and justified their choices with well-reasoned arguments. Each member of the team made a meaningful contribution and their presentation was professional, confident and most importantly technically viable. You’ll notice some of the pictures below which show Team Archten’s presentation. Omar’s presentation was chosen for the final team proposal and his research (painstaking detail included) was exceptional. Alice impressed us all by considering the fine detail and taking the users (elderly people) into account. Rodard was able to explain some of the technical aspects of the proposal efficiently (such as the function of a server and common misconceptions about what it is) and Matthew had developed quite an interesting 3D sketchup model with two different alternative solutions for the interior design of the place. All in all an excellent presentation.

Team Archten: Matt, Omar, Alice and Rodard

Team Light was next and once again they were perfectly prepared both in terms of their actual presentation and the resources they had at hand to deliver an effective proposal. Alistair introduced the team and went through the different technical items, explaining each and the reasoning behind the proposed purchase. Tevin succinctly captured the benefits of open source software, in this case a Linux operating system and made a compelling case for the centre dropping the idea of a Windows Server! I think he made his point quite well as Wendy seemed convinced by the end! Geewai explained the budget (the team had used his budget for the final proposal) and it was impressive to see how comprehensively each possible alternative had been considered. He had three different proposals, sorted by expense, and the most reasonable was proposed as a final solution. He had also built in a number of features that took discounts and other factors into account. Team Light concluded their presentation with what I would say was the highlight of the afternoon – a 3d animated movie of a model Alistair had created of the actual Purley Cross Centre facility. This has been created from scratch (using photos taken on our last visit) and was designed to the exact cm in measurement! The model included the team’s proposed furniture, equipment and intricate detail that took absolutely everything from

Alistair's 3d model of the P.C.Centre facility. A professional couldn't do better.....

disabled access, fire-exits, projector mount and access space in to account. What’s more he took rendering and lighting control (from an ordinary 3d model) to the next level by including this in the 3d fly-by. The result was stunning not to mention professional and visually appealing. Video link here.

The thumbnails below show pictures of the afternoon including images of their proposed budgets and their animated 3d models. Wendy explained that another government funded company had set up a router with four laptops in the centre while we fund raised, and I have included the budget their company came up with as one of the thumbnails (black and white). It goes to show how comprehensive and well considered the budgets our students came up with were….

To say we are proud is a bit of an understatement. I can’t remember the last time I saw people (let alone young learners) make such a professional, well researched and excellent presentation. Huge congratulations to both teams. The staff at the PCCentre will analyse the presentations, 3D models and proposed budgets/suggested equipment and get back to us in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, students are raising money that will enable them to buy the equipment for this centre and make the networked suite a reality. Please donate and support their cause hereĀ http://www.justgiving.com/quizforcharity You can also contact us about purchasing a ticket which will go towards Children in Crisis as well as this worthy cause. eggheadscharityevent@gmail.com

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14-19 Education Consultants at Tenison’s for Student’s presentation

Diploma in IT students with Educational consultants Kate Ambrosi and Paula Dunkley. Thank you for your time and support.

Kate Ambrosi and Paula Dunkley from Croydon Council gave up their afternoon to come and visit the Diploma students and listen to team presentations on the project work they have been doing so far. Both teams chose a unit each and made compelling presentations explaining how the Diploma has truly allowed for “learning to come to life”. Team Light (Alistair, Tevin and Geewai) talked about the Networking Project and went through all the research they have been doing. Team Archten (Rodard, Omar, Alice and Matt) then talked about the enterprise and team working unit and explained the current business challenge which is about raising money for charity and organising a high profile quizzing event. Team Archten talked about selling and the experiences (good and bad) that they’ve had. It was interesting to note the knowledge of corporate structures that has been acquired through selling to organisations, often starting with customer service staff and working their way up through the firm. Paula and Kate were very impressed with the students and offered to help out by selling the quizzing event at their various steering group meetings, asking senior Croydon Council members to purchase a table and also arranging for a widget and link to the quizzing donation page http://www.justgiving.com/quizforcharity to be put on the CC intranet. Students were keen to promote how different the Diploma has been and we were all agreed that it has been wonderful to see our students get out in to the real world and take part in projects and experiences that will set them apart from their peers.

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