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Visit to the Purley Cross Centre – Networking Community Project

Today all seven students, along with Richard Jenkins and Adrian Bocai (Year 13) who are masterminding and overseeing the networking and technical aspects of the project, arrived at the Purley Cross centre for 2:00PM. When I got there (at about 1:45PM) I was surprised to see them all already there! We stopped off at a local cafe for a drink where Omar wolfed down about three plates of chips!

We were met at the PCC by Deb and Wendy. They gave us a short introduction on the aims and objectives of the Purley Cross Centre, the background of funding as well as an outline of what was expected for the computer suite room and what sort of purpose it would serve. We were intrigued to hear that the centre caters for all sorts of things – everything from hearing aid consultations to toe clipping for the elderly! Students had a look round the premises, measuring walls and asking questions as they went along. Deb made the specifications clear and suggested that students create network plans and budgets that included a top, middle and bottom range. Students will make these individually, pick the most suitable one for the team, and present them before half term. Network plans will include everything from the hardware and software needed to the cabling and other considerations such as paint, desks, possible aesthetic features etc.

Deb – who previously worked for John Lewis’s IT dept – had a number of anecdotes that were perfectly suited to this networking unit the students have started. She told us horror stories of project planning going wrong and some hilarious incidents detailing the discovery of why certain networks failed! It is so wonderful for the students to be able to learn networking in a real context like this which will certainly make doing the research and coming up with the network plans so much more fun! It goes without saying that this will be a steep but exciting learning cur

ve and we’re so grateful for the collaboration and support.

We are also pleased to have two of our most adept Year 13s students on board with the project. It’s a great opportunity for them, but we will also benefit hugely from their experience and enthusiasm. Richard Jenkins (Year 13) has been involved in the installation and setting up of networks before, and Adrian – another A grade Computing student – has notable experience and know-how. They will be advising our Diploma students on their various network plans and be involved in the actual implementation and installation of the network, when the time comes.

Taking photos was the most difficult part of the afternoon – but the best part for me! Pics included are of the the centre, Wendy, Deb and the various teams. More pics of the actual premises and potential computer suite room in my next post.


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