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Project #2 Networking: Research and Planning

The first picture here is of the group in the chip shop. I handed out the final leaflets (well done Alistair Wick – they were amazing!) and the group got to brainstorm (over coke and fanta!) about how they would use these as part of their promotional and marketing strategies.

Back to the PCC networking project: Deb – who has had lots of experience with IT systems and networks herself – gave the group a talk about the importance of taking ALL factors into consideration. We discussed health and safety as well as disability access, which is a key issue. Students took notes and also measured the room and asked questions about the “needs” of the centre. It was established that a server of some sort would definitely be advantageous.  Deb also mentioned the fact that the room would primarily be used as a training centre so this would have to be taken in to account. For instance, this would bring in the potential need for other components such as a projector and whiteboard. As the premises themselves are quite small, working out a feasible structural and network plan will be an interesting task.  It was suggested that the server go in the small reception room at the front.  Teams will be drafting their plans, coming up with interior designs, 3D flybbys, network diagrams and budgets in the next two weeks! They are also (simultaneously) working in teams to raise the all important money for the quizzing event (ticket sales) and general sponsorship where possible. Here are a few pictures to remind us of what we saw.


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