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The Eggheads come to Croydon

Roll up! Roll up! All you socially conscious local firms – the magnificent seven BBC television Eggheads are coming to Croydon for Christmas and you can join in to support worthy causes and enjoy an evening of spectacular entertainment. As part of the new 14-19 National Diploma Initiativeseven enterprising students from Archbishop Tenison School have organised a charity quiz night for Wednesday 1st December 2010 at the Croydon Park Hotel with all proceeds from the evening going to Children In Crisis. Part of the ticket sales will go toward a community networking project at the Purley Cross Centre, Purley.

The children are working together to raise funds and are asking for your support to ensure that the event is a success. Omar Banharally, Geewai Chiu, Matthew Gilbert, Rodard Kasongo, Tevin Matthew, Alice Thomson and Alistair Wick have worked in teams to produce everything from the budget to the flyer and promotional website. The award for the best flyer went to Alistair Wick (Yr 12) for his original and professional design. They are also working in competition with each other to bring in the most funds through sponsorship, ticket sales, raffle and auction items.

Ruth Benjamin, Diploma in IT line lead says “This is an exciting and dynamic qualification that aims to bridge the divide between vocational and academic; providing students with a qualification that equips them with applied learning and an insight into the corporate and business world. The course is equivalent to 3.5 A Levels and includes 10 days of specialist work experience. There are two external exams and various practical units where students work together to meet real and meaningful objectives that impact the community. We are so proud to have our own ‘magnificent seven’ committing and throwing themselves wholeheartedly into this project that will undoubtedly impact both the local community and our larger global family in a positive and meaningful way”.

Once the students had decided that their event was going to be a quiz night they contacted local best-selling author and founder of the British Quiz Association Trevor Montague and recruited him as quizmaster for the event. Trevor grew up in Croydon and is passionate about both quizzing and education in general. For many years he co-presented charity quizzes alongside the late and great Jeremy Beadle and before the demands of his writing career took over he was an ever-present on radio and television quiz programmes. When approached for help Trevor did not hesitate. “The whole concept of this event is very close to my heart and our mission is to ensure the Croydon Schools Diploma event is financially successful but also a lot of fun. The evening’s entertainment will begin with a champagne reception followed by a table quiz (10 per table) for 20 teams. The starting bids for each table will be £500 (£50 per individual). The students have some fantastic ideas for making the best use of the seven Eggheads, including auctioning their talents, although one student’s idea of throwing rotten eggs at them if they get a question wrong is perhaps a bridge too far!. However apparently Tenisons have their own school Egghead who they swear could easily become the 8th member of the celebrated team so that might be an interesting clash! It promises to be a great night and the charity is a most worthy one and the winning team will need to be just as worthy.”

The networking project is being directed by two of Archbishop Tenison’s top Year 13 Computing and Maths students – Richard Jenkins and Adrian Bocai. Both students have notable experience and enthusiasm in the field of networking and will be overseeing the research, preparation and finally the installation of a network in the Purley Cross Centre. Diploma in IT students (mentioned above) will be drawing up the network plans, 3D interior design proposals as well as a complete budget. The quizzing event ticket sales and sponsorship will go towards making this local community initiative become a reality. Richard and Adrian are pictured here with Office Manager, Wendy Nodding and Deborah Baggot.

Children in Crisis was established by Sarah, Duchess of York in 1993 to help transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. World wide one in six children are denied a basic education, over half of those are in countries devastated by war. The charity works in some of the most challenging places, including Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where most children have never had the chance to go to school. In the 17 years since Children in Crisis was established, they have built some 51 schools, trained more than 13,000 teachers and made a significant contribution to the education of over 1.3 million children. With your support, they hope to change the lives of a further 110,000 of the world’s most vulnerable children this year. To sign up to take part, be sent a flyer, or sponsor the event please e-mail eggheadscharityevent@gmail.com You can also phone Archbishop Tenison’s (Ruth Benjamin, IT dept) for more information.

Quizzing Event of the Year_leaflet (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE FLYER)

Original Design by Alistair Wick, Year 12 (Well done Alistair!)


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