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E-mail from Lucy: Flyer specs + sponsorship pack

Email from Lucy below.  She has very kindly put together a fantastic sponsorship proposal pack. This is to hand out to various companies/firms to encourage them to sponsor our event.  The suggestions and spec she has outlined for the flyer need to be taken into account immediately as the flyers really need to be finished and sent to the printers this week.  The website in use will now be: www.childrenincrisis.org/evening-with-eggheads (to put on the flyer) and the rest of the information you can read in her e-mail below.

Hi Ruth,

Thank you so much for inviting me to come and speak to you and your students yesterday – they are a lovely bunch, and I am sure that they will be very successful in organising this event.

I have attached above a re-jigged sponsorship proposal for the students to give to corporates alongside the flyer.

In regards to the flyer, key elements which I strongly suggest that you include are:

–          Eye-catching, bright, fun looking – the event proposed is to be a fun event, so the flyer should demonstrate as such

–          Include CiC pencil, registered charity number and website: www.childrenincrisis.org/evening-with-eggheads (once you send me final details I will make this webpage live)

–          Details to include on front of flyer: Title, in aid of Children in Crisis, in partnership with Archbishop Tenison’s School – Diploma in IT Students, presented by Trevor Montague…, address of the venue, date of the event, timings of the event, dress code

–          Back of the flyer: more detailed information about the event, i.e. food and drink provided, auction and raffle (could give example of one of the prizes), quiz, etc as well as the basics: address of venue, timings, dress code…, contact details for Lucy Porter at Children in Crisis, Ticket Payment form (make sure you ask for their email address and contact number so that if there is any problem with the payment it is easy to get in touch).

Get in touch if you would like anything else.

All the best,



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