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Team names, finalising task & allocation of roles

Friday was an important day. The groups came up with team names (Team Light and Team Archten!) and the teams each had their own meetings to decide on individual responsibilities for the various components of the task as well as what the focus needed to be as a group. In my next post, I’ll explain what the final 2 challenges are (there was a change of plan regarding our initial one).

Teams have also been coming up with their (QUIZ EVENT ONLY) budget spreadsheets. These are being developed individually and then the team presenter will pick the best one, the most suitable and feasible, to present on behalf of their group to Trevor and Lucy. The budgets (this is purely for the quizzing event) must include looking at

-fixed costs (£500 for croydon park hotel, £15 per head for catering) OR Free at the school, with minimal catering costs, or Fairfield Halls £800 booking, £12.50 catering, etc

-ticket prices (modelling different prices )

-auction sales/costs and profits

-raffle sales – ideas and associated costs/profits

-final proposals for the budget

The spreadsheet screenshots need to be included in the team presentation (the final version and the individual presentations) to be presented to Trevor and Lucy. It’ll be interesting to see which team they agree with. It goes without saying that all the ideas presented will be taken on board.

Anyway, here are details of the team names and allocation of roles as decided on the Friday meeting. Omar was absent but the rest of the group made some decisions on his behalf.


September 13, 2010 - Posted by | General

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