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Final brief for Unit 3

Students are working to the following brief for Unit 3 (the second challenge leads on to the networking part of the course *Unit 4)

CHALLENGE 1 : (quizzing event for Children in Crisis)

1. Plan, budget, organise and run a succesful high profile quizzing event featuring best selling author Trevor Montague and the Eggheads. Students are required to be involved in the planning, preparation and actual implementation of this event in teams, and the work starts now. The OBJECTIVE is for each team to raise as much money as possible for the designated charity: CHILDREN IN CRISIS (with some money going to the school) The challenge will include:

a) Preparing a detailed budget (spreadsheet)

b) Preparing a presentation for Lucy & Trevor (about locations, budget, ideas for event, and more)

c) Preparing all the necessary IT solutions necessary (web page (just giving page) , spreadsheet, flyers, quizzing power point, videos for the night, etc)

d) Selling tickets in teams (after ticket prices are decided)

e) Coming up with auction and raffle ideas

CHALLENGE 2 (networked facility required for Purley Cross Centre)

The Purley Cross Centre has a small room available in its premises in which it would like to set up an internet/IT learning centre for members of the community that might not otherwise get this opportunity. A bid was put in to the council but this was rejected. Students are to visit the premises, chat with the manager there, and then go away to do the following:

a) Write a report proposing a network plan (detailing the types of computers, prices, networking equipment, etc) that could be a feasible solution for the room.

b) The above will involve creating a detailed and accurate budget showing the price of machines, equipment and how much will be needed to make the internet learning centre a reality.

c) Create a presentation that will be presented to the stakeholders (individuals will all create this presentation, and the best one picked for each team). The presentation will include the proposed budget, the types of machines, the final cost and finally the fund raising ideas that the teams will have in order to raise this money – or raise as much as possible towards meeting the objectives of the challenge.

d) Create IT solutions that will be necessary for the fund raising: FLYER, LEAFLETS, WEBSITE WITH PAYPAL Functionality.

e) Evaluate the performance and produce a team presentation (at the end of the year -December) as to the progress made and future plans.

Note: It is hoped that both teams together will be able to raise enough money to allow for the installation of a simple network in the premises.

UNIT 4: (Managing Technology Solutions) is a networking unit where students must learn to actually INSTALL HARDWARE, network it together, and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to do so.

Any comments, suggestions, or questions, post them here!



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