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As a team, the aim is to make as much money for charity as possible. This will be done in a number of different ways.

1. Quizzing Event (hosted by Trevor Montague) on December 2nd, 2010. (the event will include sale of tickets, auctions, raffles, bingo – all 100% to charity)

2. Each individual in each team will create a flyer. The best flyer from both teams will be selected, and a final winner chosen by Lucy and Trevor.

3. Each individual will have to keep a hand written record of minutes from team meetings/meetings/conference calls etc with external parties and any activities.

4. Each individual will have to keep a blog of their Diploma antics. This is to include how they are getting along themselves as well as logging their progress, failures, successes and general information as a team.

3. Each team will design and create a website which will enable them to contact individuals/supporters. A central online paypal account has been set up which all contributors will pay in to. Money for the tickets, as well as generous donations, if any, will all be paid for online. Teams will need to market themselves effiectively along with their team websites to gain support. All donations must be carefully logged and records must be accurate. (this is to include cash and cheque donations, although all contributors should be advised to pay online to keep it consistent)

Most importantly, students must remember that this is part of a coursework unit for which a portfolio of evidence must be submitted. The following (in December) must be submitted for marking and assessment. Each student must submit their own portfolio.



  1. …   Your personal record of team discussions, key decisions made and your own contribution to team work (blog, minutes, notes)

2.  …   The business case  (each member of the team must produce a presentation outlining the objectives, the people involved, suggested solutions for fund raising, suggested venues, locations, for the quizzing event. As part of the presentation each individual must also list all the different objectives and “things to do”. These will later be divided up in the team plan. e.g.

 3.  …   The initial team plan 

4.  …   The final version of the team plan

5.  …   The team proposal (a report outlining the team’s strategy, their team plan, how they plan to move forward etc)

6.  …   The presentation and speaker notes (This will be presented to all interested parties and will include information about the teams’s strategy, team plan, team responsibilities, how they get on, money raised, etc)

7. …   Your evaluation on the whole project/unit


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