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Meeting with Pam Bryan – Purley Cross Centre

Geewai, Pam Bryan, Tevin, Alistair (Alex in the background!)

Today students had the opportunity to meet with Pam Bryan, a representative from the Purley Cross Centre.  She outlined the charity and explained the purpose of the Purley Christmas Lights Project.  It is very much a community event – something that brings people together, and as she explained it is also about spreading Christmas cheer and of course revealing the real reason behind Christmas – Jesus Christ. (not Santa!) The key focus was community and it was interesting to hear students comment on how important community events in towns were – especially in the current climate.  Pam very kindly answered a number of specific questions from the teams and also went through how their charity went about fund raising in the past. The goal for the Christmas lights project is about £5500.

Rodard, Matt, Pam Bryan, Omar and Alice

In the past the TESCO superstore funded about 50% of this but they have now pulled out for various reasons.  Students got in to their teams and brainstormed (with the help of Alex, who was assisting in the lessons). Pam went around with examples of previous flyers created for promotional purposes (see pictures) and ideas for fund raising.

It was decided that each team will come up with three things.

1) a team plan (presented as a power point), (each individual must create one, but one must be chosen for the team presentation on the day)

2) a website and

3) a flyer. These are to be ready for a presentation afternoon on the 21st of September, Tuesday. It will be held at the Purley Baptist church. A projector and laptop will be made available for the student presentations, and a number of members will be present to hear their proposals for fund raising.

Flyers used in the past for the Purley Christmas Lights Project


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