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A breakdown of tasks from Trevor (quiz event related)

Trevor Montague - bestselling author of the A to Z Books

Trevor very kindly spent an afternoon listing the tasks that the students will need to look at. These are to include creating a budget, creating and handing out the flyer and of course arranging the quiz, food, and entertainment for the night. Lucy, mentioned below, is the representative from Children in Crisis. You’ll note below that Graham Harding has very kindly donated a night for two at the Ritz as one of the auction items.

Tasks that will need doing –

Create a budget to ensure the evening breaks evening. This will necessitate contacting the Eggheads to inquire about travel expenses. All of the Egghead team have been offered travelling expenses. The hotel has offered five £160 rooms for £50 each and the £250 must be built into the budget as it is a diploma/school cost. All other hotel costs must be finalised including the reception/catering and any bulk discounts. Maximum establishment must be clarified i.e. how many tables can be accommodated comfortably and how many people per table. A price per table/seat can now be arrived at. I was an accountant in a previous existence so if any help is required I shall be happy to oblige.

Create flyers to send out to potential market

The flyers should be in colour and depict all seven of the Eggheads and Trevor Montague as host – described as the author of the best-selling A to Z of almost Everything and founder of the British Quiz Association. Something along the lines of “The celebrated Eggheads are coming to Croydon – would you like to play against them – or possibly with them?” The text information must include the designated charity (Children In Crisis), time and place of quiz, price of tables/seats, reference to raffle and auction  (cannot list items at this early stage), any inducements such as free catering details and champagne reception, prizes offered etc, website details for entering (deadlines included) and making donations, any other information deemed worthy by the students, for instance if small firms are contacted and they cannot fill a table of say 10 then we can supply individuals to help including quiz experts if required. I shall attend a meeting at the school shortly and choose the best flyer. Lucy Porter, the events planner at Children In Crisis shall also attend and no doubt have some input into this also.

Auction and raffle items – The entry price must cover all the proposed costs of the school and any amounts over must be signed over to the designated Charity, Children In Crisis. A raffle is a good idea and this is something that must be discussed with Lucy Porter as all proceeds will go to the designated charity. On the night itself it will be the duty of designated people to sell raffle tickets continually. The main revenue offered to the designated charity will inevitably be from the auction which will take place midway through the evening. I understand there will be a minimum of two competing student teams being assessed for this segment of the diploma and it will be their duty to arrange suitable auction items. It is usual to have a minimum of half a dozen or so auction items and Lucy has already given the process a kickstart by arranging a night at The Ritz as one of the items. Ingenuity will be required here but I would suggest an announcement to the schools at assembly and asking friends and family with businesses that might want publicity (donors can be mentioned on the website). Typical items could be golf days, flights, signed football shirts, works of art etc although the last two might be beyond the scope of even the most scavenging students. I suggest looking at your market and then weigh up the possibilities, even offers of car cleaning by students is possible. It is important to liaise with Lucy on this and I too may be able to help if desperate remedies are required.

I do not propose to set a bog standard table quiz and am open to ideas from the students to make use of the IT technology we have at our command – and the Eggheads!. It is however always a good idea to begin with an introductory picture round as it focuses the teams from the start and this pre-quiz round can be left on the tables before commencement of introductions. Note that one of the most frustrating things that quiz players have to put up with is lack of pics for each person. I attended a quiz last evening and we had one pic between seven of us! Please ensure tables of ten have ten pics with one of them being the master sheet to fill in answers. I suggest at least 20 pics covering the world of fashion, tv and film, reality tv and current affairs. We can even have a dingbat round as well if they are particularly inspired. Other rounds I would like to set could be a tv theme tune round, advert themes, pop songs etc. I will email a few examples but it will be the responsibility of the teams to produce a tight production of 10 questions so a simple press of a button will produce a continuous track for the questions followed by another track which must include both the questions and the resultant answers. I shall make this clear when I download a few examples. Teams will be responsible for marking and checking all returned papers. It is possible to save work by asking tables to swap papers although I have never been a fan of this method myself. Whatever we do it must be a well-oiled machine and a fail-safe checking system must be implemented. Remember, if I am hosting the quiz then my reputation is at stake and I pride myself in eliminating errors so the quiz must be authenticated. Every table must have an answer pack, paper pack and pencils. I suggest rehearsals to ensure the technology works and is user-friendly. It will probably not be possible to practice at the venue which might be booked out but please do enquire to the possibility. If practice is done at the school please ensure the same technology is available at the hotel venue.

On the night it is important to arrive at least an hour before guests arrive, in fact, the earliest the hotel staff will let us in. We have three microphones available and these must all be tested for sound quality as must the IT equipment.

As you can see from these few rough guidelines there is an awful lot of planning and preparation for a one-off event like this. I have a local paper-cutting of a similar event held in my home town which I shall post to Miss Benjamin. I shall expect you to exceed what this school achieved with a similar amount of students.

Success will be measured by maximising revenue but also by maximising the enjoyment of the guests.

I will endeavour to be available at all times as your safe backstop or if you have any practical queries (non-technical I should add) so let’s have fun.

Lucy and I shall attend the school, possibly on Tuesday 21 September and by that date I shall expect the teams to have a budget implemented with a suggested table price. I shall also expect to see a dummy flyer of professional standard which can be used to advertise the event. The other minimum requirement is to have a dedicated website set up that can accept entries into the quiz and this must be linked to all local firms taking part. Please try and compete with the other team by negotiating auction or raffle items if possible and also approaching local firms with a promise of a flyer (further details) to follow. Time will be of the essence once I speak with you as two months soon goes and it is important to tie firms down early before they organise alternative events over the Christmas period.


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