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Allocation of Teams & Overview of task

For Unit 3, students need to work in teams and compete against each other to raise funds for charity. Members of the winning team will each receive a prize. There are awards for all the benchmarks on the way and so there is much to achieve and look forward to.

The business objective: In a nutshell, there are two charities for which students must raise money. The first is the Purley Cross centre, Purley. This community centre is responsible for launching the Purley Christmas lights every December, but have recently struggled with coming up with the money to make this happen. The estimated amount they require for the Christmas Lights is £5000. Students are aware of this objective and in their teams will try to raise as much money as possible towards this goal. The other charity is Children in Crisis. Most of the funding for Children in Crisis will come from the auction items and money raised during the proposed quizzing event to be held on the 2nd of December 2010. The money raised (we hope they’ll raise!) for the tables and ticket entry could potentially go towards the Purley Cross Community Centre.

The Croydon Park hotel has been booked (a beautiful suite costing us £500 for the evening). Catering costs are expected to be about £15 a head. Ticket prices for entry to the quizzing event are TBC but are anticipated to be set at about £50 per head, £500 for a table of ten individuals. Students (in their respective teams) will have to source these individuals or Croydon firms and it isn’t going to be an easy task!

In addition to this they will be required to use ICT tools to raise money in other ways (e.g. create a website, sell a product, etc etc).

Students had the opportunity to speak to Trevor Montague, A to Z Author, and he explained that the first thing they needed to get done was the promotional flyer for the quizzing event. This would be given out to individuals and Croydon firms in the hope that they would sign up to be part of this charity quizzing event.

The teams are as follows:

Team #1

Tevin, Alistair and Geewai

Team #2

Rodard, Omar, Alice and Matt

Each individual in both teams is now required to get working on an appropriate flyer (the details of which (provided by Trevor) are below)

Task: Creation of Flyers

Create flyers to send out to potential market
The flyers should be in colour and depict all seven of the Eggheads and Trevor Montague as host – described as the author of the best-selling A to Z of almost Everything and founder of the British Quiz Association. Something along the lines of “The celebrated Eggheads are coming to Croydon – would you like to play against them – or possibly with them?” The text information must include the designated charity (Children In Crisis), time and place of quiz, price of tables/seats, reference to raffle and auction (cannot list items at this early stage), any inducements such as free catering details and champagne reception, prizes offered etc, website details for entering (deadlines included) and making donations, any other information deemed worthy by the students, for instance if small firms are contacted and they cannot fill a table of say 10 then we can supply individuals to help including quiz experts if required. I shall attend a meeting at the school shortly and choose the best flyer. Lucy Porter, the events planner at Children In Crisis shall also attend and no doubt have some input into this also.

What to include? -Helpful Hints

The students – in their teams – will have to decide what will work best for their flyer. Will it be a leaflet or a single flyer? Double sided? It has been advised that they include the following in some shape or form:

  • picture of the eggheads and Trevor
  • response form of some sort? (is this is a good idea or not?)
  • details of When, Where, What (e.g. Where: Croydon Park Hotel
    When: 2nd December, 7-9:30PM; What: Raising money for charity & a memorable evening!
    Price: £500 per table (Local Croydon Firms and individuals) £50 per head. Includes: Champagne reception, full buffet, drinks, prizes, charity auction, bingo, table photographs with Trevor Montague & the Eggheads. It promises to be a memorable evening of fun, food and quizzing with the best)

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