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Press release draft

The Eggheads come to Croydon

Roll up! Roll up! All you socially conscious local firms – the magnificent seven BBC television Eggheads are coming to Croydon for Christmas and you can join in to support worthy causes and enjoy an evening of spectacular entertainment. As part of the new 14-19 National Diploma Initiativeseven enterprising students from Archbishop Tenison School have organised a charity quiz night for Wednesday 1st December 2010 at the Croydon Park Hotel with all proceeds from the evening going to Children In Crisis. Part of the ticket sales will go toward a community networking project at the Purley Cross Centre, Purley.

The children are working together to raise funds and are asking for your support to ensure that the event is a success. Omar Banharally, Geewai Chiu, Matthew Gilbert, Rodard Kasongo, Tevin Matthew, Alice Thomson and Alistair Wick have worked in teams to produce everything from the budget to the flyer and promotional website. The award for the best flyer went to Alistair Wick (Yr 12) for his original and professional design. They are also working in competition with each other to bring in the most funds through sponsorship, ticket sales, raffle and auction items.

Ruth Benjamin, Diploma in IT line lead says “This is an exciting and dynamic qualification that aims to bridge the divide between vocational and academic; providing students with a qualification that equips them with applied learning and an insight into the corporate and business world. The course is equivalent to 3.5 A Levels and includes 10 days of specialist work experience. There are two external exams and various practical units where students work together to meet real and meaningful objectives that impact the community. We are so proud to have our own ‘magnificent seven’ committing and throwing themselves wholeheartedly into this project that will undoubtedly impact both the local community and our larger global family in a positive and meaningful way”.

Once the students had decided that their event was going to be a quiz night they contacted local best-selling author and founder of the British Quiz Association Trevor Montague and recruited him as quizmaster for the event. Trevor grew up in Croydon and is passionate about both quizzing and education in general. For many years he co-presented charity quizzes alongside the late and great Jeremy Beadle and before the demands of his writing career took over he was an ever-present on radio and television quiz programmes. When approached for help Trevor did not hesitate. “The whole concept of this event is very close to my heart and our mission is to ensure the Croydon Schools Diploma event is financially successful but also a lot of fun. The evening’s entertainment will begin with a champagne reception followed by a table quiz (10 per table) for 20 teams. The starting bids for each table will be £500 (£50 per individual). The students have some fantastic ideas for making the best use of the seven Eggheads, including auctioning their talents, although one student’s idea of throwing rotten eggs at them if they get a question wrong is perhaps a bridge too far!. However apparently Tenisons have their own school Egghead who they swear could easily become the 8th member of the celebrated team so that might be an interesting clash! It promises to be a great night and the charity is a most worthy one and the winning team will need to be just as worthy.”

The networking project is being directed by two of Archbishop Tenison’s top Year 13 Computing and Maths students – Richard Jenkins and Adrian Bocai. Both students have notable experience and enthusiasm in the field of networking and will be overseeing the research, preparation and finally the installation of a network in the Purley Cross Centre. Diploma in IT students (mentioned above) will be drawing up the network plans, 3D interior design proposals as well as a complete budget. The quizzing event ticket sales and sponsorship will go towards making this local community initiative become a reality. Richard and Adrian are pictured here with Office Manager, Wendy Nodding and Deborah Baggot.

Children in Crisis was established by Sarah, Duchess of York in 1993 to help transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. World wide one in six children are denied a basic education, over half of those are in countries devastated by war. The charity works in some of the most challenging places, including Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where most children have never had the chance to go to school. In the 17 years since Children in Crisis was established, they have built some 51 schools, trained more than 13,000 teachers and made a significant contribution to the education of over 1.3 million children. With your support, they hope to change the lives of a further 110,000 of the world’s most vulnerable children this year. To sign up to take part, be sent a flyer, or sponsor the event please e-mail eggheadscharityevent@gmail.com You can also phone Archbishop Tenison’s (Ruth Benjamin, IT dept) for more information.

Quizzing Event of the Year_leaflet (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE FLYER)

Original Design by Alistair Wick, Year 12 (Well done Alistair!)


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Project #2 Networking: Research and Planning

The first picture here is of the group in the chip shop. I handed out the final leaflets (well done Alistair Wick – they were amazing!) and the group got to brainstorm (over coke and fanta!) about how they would use these as part of their promotional and marketing strategies.

Back to the PCC networking project: Deb – who has had lots of experience with IT systems and networks herself – gave the group a talk about the importance of taking ALL factors into consideration. We discussed health and safety as well as disability access, which is a key issue. Students took notes and also measured the room and asked questions about the “needs” of the centre. It was established that a server of some sort would definitely be advantageous.  Deb also mentioned the fact that the room would primarily be used as a training centre so this would have to be taken in to account. For instance, this would bring in the potential need for other components such as a projector and whiteboard. As the premises themselves are quite small, working out a feasible structural and network plan will be an interesting task.  It was suggested that the server go in the small reception room at the front.  Teams will be drafting their plans, coming up with interior designs, 3D flybbys, network diagrams and budgets in the next two weeks! They are also (simultaneously) working in teams to raise the all important money for the quizzing event (ticket sales) and general sponsorship where possible. Here are a few pictures to remind us of what we saw.

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Visit to the Purley Cross Centre – Networking Community Project

Today all seven students, along with Richard Jenkins and Adrian Bocai (Year 13) who are masterminding and overseeing the networking and technical aspects of the project, arrived at the Purley Cross centre for 2:00PM. When I got there (at about 1:45PM) I was surprised to see them all already there! We stopped off at a local cafe for a drink where Omar wolfed down about three plates of chips!

We were met at the PCC by Deb and Wendy. They gave us a short introduction on the aims and objectives of the Purley Cross Centre, the background of funding as well as an outline of what was expected for the computer suite room and what sort of purpose it would serve. We were intrigued to hear that the centre caters for all sorts of things – everything from hearing aid consultations to toe clipping for the elderly! Students had a look round the premises, measuring walls and asking questions as they went along. Deb made the specifications clear and suggested that students create network plans and budgets that included a top, middle and bottom range. Students will make these individually, pick the most suitable one for the team, and present them before half term. Network plans will include everything from the hardware and software needed to the cabling and other considerations such as paint, desks, possible aesthetic features etc.

Deb – who previously worked for John Lewis’s IT dept – had a number of anecdotes that were perfectly suited to this networking unit the students have started. She told us horror stories of project planning going wrong and some hilarious incidents detailing the discovery of why certain networks failed! It is so wonderful for the students to be able to learn networking in a real context like this which will certainly make doing the research and coming up with the network plans so much more fun! It goes without saying that this will be a steep but exciting learning cur

ve and we’re so grateful for the collaboration and support.

We are also pleased to have two of our most adept Year 13s students on board with the project. It’s a great opportunity for them, but we will also benefit hugely from their experience and enthusiasm. Richard Jenkins (Year 13) has been involved in the installation and setting up of networks before, and Adrian – another A grade Computing student – has notable experience and know-how. They will be advising our Diploma students on their various network plans and be involved in the actual implementation and installation of the network, when the time comes.

Taking photos was the most difficult part of the afternoon – but the best part for me! Pics included are of the the centre, Wendy, Deb and the various teams. More pics of the actual premises and potential computer suite room in my next post.

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New trends in IT- Netbooks and Netbookbagcaps

Alexander Browne and Richard Jenkins (Year 13) pictured here with the latest Acer aspire ONE netbook. More importantly notice Alex’s head – sporting an original trend that is expected to shake the fashion world to its very core.  Netbook fabric bags make the perfect male head accessory – a cap with extended peak and sophisticated yet snazzy appeal. Interested in a netbook or a netcap? See Alex and Richard to find out more, or simply visit the link below.


Netbooks are current and trendy.  They’re smaller and more portable than laptops and excellent for simple word processing, internet access and project work.  I contacted ASUS regarding possibly sponsoring the Eggheads event and donating a number of netbooks to us to use as prizes (and for student use). More on that in a later post….

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Team Archten wins the BQA mugs!

Details to follow – but well done Team Archten (Matt, Rodard, Alice and Omar) for an absolutely amazing presentation, well communicated and particularly for working wonderfully together as a TEAM. Teamwork is crucial in the preparation for this event and in the end it is possible that it will make all the difference. Team Archten managed to pull off a brilliant proposal despite a number of surprise visitors from Year 13 and Mrs Syal who accompanied them. Trevor commented on their presentation and skills and presented them with a BQA (British Quizzing association) mug and a chocolate each. I should probably say that the other team excelled in other areas but more on that later.  Healthy competition is always a good thing, and in this particular instance (admittedly it was close!) this team, with main presenter Matt Gilbert, came out on top. Team Archten with their prizes (along with Trevor Montague (A to Z author)  and Lucy Porter (Children in Crisis))  pictured below.

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E-mail from Lucy: Flyer specs + sponsorship pack

Email from Lucy below.  She has very kindly put together a fantastic sponsorship proposal pack. This is to hand out to various companies/firms to encourage them to sponsor our event.  The suggestions and spec she has outlined for the flyer need to be taken into account immediately as the flyers really need to be finished and sent to the printers this week.  The website in use will now be: www.childrenincrisis.org/evening-with-eggheads (to put on the flyer) and the rest of the information you can read in her e-mail below.

Hi Ruth,

Thank you so much for inviting me to come and speak to you and your students yesterday – they are a lovely bunch, and I am sure that they will be very successful in organising this event.

I have attached above a re-jigged sponsorship proposal for the students to give to corporates alongside the flyer.

In regards to the flyer, key elements which I strongly suggest that you include are:

–          Eye-catching, bright, fun looking – the event proposed is to be a fun event, so the flyer should demonstrate as such

–          Include CiC pencil, registered charity number and website: www.childrenincrisis.org/evening-with-eggheads (once you send me final details I will make this webpage live)

–          Details to include on front of flyer: Title, in aid of Children in Crisis, in partnership with Archbishop Tenison’s School – Diploma in IT Students, presented by Trevor Montague…, address of the venue, date of the event, timings of the event, dress code

–          Back of the flyer: more detailed information about the event, i.e. food and drink provided, auction and raffle (could give example of one of the prizes), quiz, etc as well as the basics: address of venue, timings, dress code…, contact details for Lucy Porter at Children in Crisis, Ticket Payment form (make sure you ask for their email address and contact number so that if there is any problem with the payment it is easy to get in touch).

Get in touch if you would like anything else.

All the best,


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Croydon Park Hotel Visit

Tuesday’s lesson was the one the students have been preparing for.  Trevor met the students in the school foyer and we all walked down together to Altyre Road – The Croydon Park Hotel.  (Well actually, I took the car) Trevor had the chance to speak to each of the seven students individually and find out a little about their plans and strategies for the evening. Not too much was revealed however, as the presentations were to come later that afternoon. Lucy (Children in Crisis events manager) and Nic (Contact at Croydon Park Hotel) were waiting for us there.  We did ask Nic if it was possible for the Hotel to give us the suite for free and only charge for the catering but he didn’t think that would be possible. The price has already come down from a whopping £1600 to £500 so while we are grateful, there is no harm in hoping for the absolute best scenario (i.e all profits going to charity). Students had the opportunity to look around the suite, ask questions about the equipment and catering options and generally get a feel for the place. We even sat down at a table and took a picture! Here it is!

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Team meetings..

The two teams (Team Light – Alistair, Tevin and Geewai, and Team Archten – Matt, Alice, Omar and Roddard) have been having regular meetings to discuss the way forward and their respective strategies for the budget, proposal and presentation. On Monday the groups got together to choose the power point presentation that would be used for the team as well as make some final considerations on the budget (spreadsheet model) which would be used to show the various pricing models and ideas to Trevor and Lucy. The teams each chose who would be making the final presentation and took minutes to log the outcome and action points of the meeting. Alistair and Tevin both created exceptional flyers – of outstanding professional quality – and have in so doing set quite a high standard for the rest of the group. Alice’s flyer has the most communicative information on it – and I should say that they are all pretty good, but it’ll be interesting to see what Trevor and Lucy say/decide tomorrow.  Team meeting pictures below.

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More fundraising resources

Check out




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Exemplar Flyer

Here’s another example of a sophisticated and informative flyer. Notice the style and the inside information (entertainment for the night) It’s quite similar to the sort of event we are holding – a high profile and posh quizzing event.

[calameo code=000211147564339e1cc54 lang=en width=100% height=400]

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Ideas for running an amazing quiz event + fund raising ideas

Have a look at these two documents. Some great ideas for running a successful quizzing event + fund-raising ideas.


Running a Successful Quiz night

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The leaflet/flyer is crucial

Here are some ideas to help move the “professionalism” of the leaflet/flyer along. The key things to remember are that it should be simple, sophisticated, informative and have provision on it (booking form) for people to make payment or get back to you about a booking. You have yet to decide whether or not the event will be “black tie” but either way the event is high-profile so should be of a certain standard (target audience ADULTS, not children). Have a look at these to get an idea…(double-click to enlarge)

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Team names, finalising task & allocation of roles

Friday was an important day. The groups came up with team names (Team Light and Team Archten!) and the teams each had their own meetings to decide on individual responsibilities for the various components of the task as well as what the focus needed to be as a group. In my next post, I’ll explain what the final 2 challenges are (there was a change of plan regarding our initial one).

Teams have also been coming up with their (QUIZ EVENT ONLY) budget spreadsheets. These are being developed individually and then the team presenter will pick the best one, the most suitable and feasible, to present on behalf of their group to Trevor and Lucy. The budgets (this is purely for the quizzing event) must include looking at

-fixed costs (£500 for croydon park hotel, £15 per head for catering) OR Free at the school, with minimal catering costs, or Fairfield Halls £800 booking, £12.50 catering, etc

-ticket prices (modelling different prices )

-auction sales/costs and profits

-raffle sales – ideas and associated costs/profits

-final proposals for the budget

The spreadsheet screenshots need to be included in the team presentation (the final version and the individual presentations) to be presented to Trevor and Lucy. It’ll be interesting to see which team they agree with. It goes without saying that all the ideas presented will be taken on board.

Anyway, here are details of the team names and allocation of roles as decided on the Friday meeting. Omar was absent but the rest of the group made some decisions on his behalf.

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Final brief for Unit 3

Students are working to the following brief for Unit 3 (the second challenge leads on to the networking part of the course *Unit 4)

CHALLENGE 1 : (quizzing event for Children in Crisis)

1. Plan, budget, organise and run a succesful high profile quizzing event featuring best selling author Trevor Montague and the Eggheads. Students are required to be involved in the planning, preparation and actual implementation of this event in teams, and the work starts now. The OBJECTIVE is for each team to raise as much money as possible for the designated charity: CHILDREN IN CRISIS (with some money going to the school) The challenge will include:

a) Preparing a detailed budget (spreadsheet)

b) Preparing a presentation for Lucy & Trevor (about locations, budget, ideas for event, and more)

c) Preparing all the necessary IT solutions necessary (web page (just giving page) , spreadsheet, flyers, quizzing power point, videos for the night, etc)

d) Selling tickets in teams (after ticket prices are decided)

e) Coming up with auction and raffle ideas

CHALLENGE 2 (networked facility required for Purley Cross Centre)

The Purley Cross Centre has a small room available in its premises in which it would like to set up an internet/IT learning centre for members of the community that might not otherwise get this opportunity. A bid was put in to the council but this was rejected. Students are to visit the premises, chat with the manager there, and then go away to do the following:

a) Write a report proposing a network plan (detailing the types of computers, prices, networking equipment, etc) that could be a feasible solution for the room.

b) The above will involve creating a detailed and accurate budget showing the price of machines, equipment and how much will be needed to make the internet learning centre a reality.

c) Create a presentation that will be presented to the stakeholders (individuals will all create this presentation, and the best one picked for each team). The presentation will include the proposed budget, the types of machines, the final cost and finally the fund raising ideas that the teams will have in order to raise this money – or raise as much as possible towards meeting the objectives of the challenge.

d) Create IT solutions that will be necessary for the fund raising: FLYER, LEAFLETS, WEBSITE WITH PAYPAL Functionality.

e) Evaluate the performance and produce a team presentation (at the end of the year -December) as to the progress made and future plans.

Note: It is hoped that both teams together will be able to raise enough money to allow for the installation of a simple network in the premises.

UNIT 4: (Managing Technology Solutions) is a networking unit where students must learn to actually INSTALL HARDWARE, network it together, and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to do so.

Any comments, suggestions, or questions, post them here!


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Two flyers needed: see requirements

One flyer is required (the best flyer will be picked by Trevor and Lucy) for the Quizzing Event on the 2nd of December. The other flyer will be for the Purley Christmas Lights Project.

Lucy sent through an e-mail today outlining some of the things that need to be on the first flyer.

Dear Ruth,
I hope that you are well?  I would just like to say how delighted Children in Crisis are to have been chosen by Trevor to be the charity supported in this fantastic event.  I think it is a fantastic way to get students to get their hands stuck into a real project, and very much look forward to being able to support you in any way I can.
In terms of details that we ask you include on the flyer, I would ask that you include our logo (see attached above), as well as our website: http://www.childrenincrisis.org, and our Registered Charity No. 1020488. I would also suggest that you ensure that the basics are covered, i.e. Title / Name of the event, Brief inspiring headline about the event – mentioning the attendance of the Eggheads and any other celebrities attending as well as how the students are organising the event to raise vital funds for CiC, the date, venue, cost of ticket / table, dress code, and name and contact details for the event administrator.
The 21st September is good for me, if you could please let me know a time so that I am able to arrange a train ticket, and inform my manager in advance.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many kind regards,
Lucy Porter
Events and Community Manager
Children in Crisis
206 – 208 Stewarts Road

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Meeting with Pam Bryan – Purley Cross Centre

Geewai, Pam Bryan, Tevin, Alistair (Alex in the background!)

Today students had the opportunity to meet with Pam Bryan, a representative from the Purley Cross Centre.  She outlined the charity and explained the purpose of the Purley Christmas Lights Project.  It is very much a community event – something that brings people together, and as she explained it is also about spreading Christmas cheer and of course revealing the real reason behind Christmas – Jesus Christ. (not Santa!) The key focus was community and it was interesting to hear students comment on how important community events in towns were – especially in the current climate.  Pam very kindly answered a number of specific questions from the teams and also went through how their charity went about fund raising in the past. The goal for the Christmas lights project is about £5500.

Rodard, Matt, Pam Bryan, Omar and Alice

In the past the TESCO superstore funded about 50% of this but they have now pulled out for various reasons.  Students got in to their teams and brainstormed (with the help of Alex, who was assisting in the lessons). Pam went around with examples of previous flyers created for promotional purposes (see pictures) and ideas for fund raising.

It was decided that each team will come up with three things.

1) a team plan (presented as a power point), (each individual must create one, but one must be chosen for the team presentation on the day)

2) a website and

3) a flyer. These are to be ready for a presentation afternoon on the 21st of September, Tuesday. It will be held at the Purley Baptist church. A projector and laptop will be made available for the student presentations, and a number of members will be present to hear their proposals for fund raising.

Flyers used in the past for the Purley Christmas Lights Project

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Stuff that needs doing

As a team, the aim is to make as much money for charity as possible. This will be done in a number of different ways.

1. Quizzing Event (hosted by Trevor Montague) on December 2nd, 2010. (the event will include sale of tickets, auctions, raffles, bingo – all 100% to charity)

2. Each individual in each team will create a flyer. The best flyer from both teams will be selected, and a final winner chosen by Lucy and Trevor.

3. Each individual will have to keep a hand written record of minutes from team meetings/meetings/conference calls etc with external parties and any activities.

4. Each individual will have to keep a blog of their Diploma antics. This is to include how they are getting along themselves as well as logging their progress, failures, successes and general information as a team.

3. Each team will design and create a website which will enable them to contact individuals/supporters. A central online paypal account has been set up which all contributors will pay in to. Money for the tickets, as well as generous donations, if any, will all be paid for online. Teams will need to market themselves effiectively along with their team websites to gain support. All donations must be carefully logged and records must be accurate. (this is to include cash and cheque donations, although all contributors should be advised to pay online to keep it consistent)

Most importantly, students must remember that this is part of a coursework unit for which a portfolio of evidence must be submitted. The following (in December) must be submitted for marking and assessment. Each student must submit their own portfolio.



  1. …   Your personal record of team discussions, key decisions made and your own contribution to team work (blog, minutes, notes)

2.  …   The business case  (each member of the team must produce a presentation outlining the objectives, the people involved, suggested solutions for fund raising, suggested venues, locations, for the quizzing event. As part of the presentation each individual must also list all the different objectives and “things to do”. These will later be divided up in the team plan. e.g.

 3.  …   The initial team plan 

4.  …   The final version of the team plan

5.  …   The team proposal (a report outlining the team’s strategy, their team plan, how they plan to move forward etc)

6.  …   The presentation and speaker notes (This will be presented to all interested parties and will include information about the teams’s strategy, team plan, team responsibilities, how they get on, money raised, etc)

7. …   Your evaluation on the whole project/unit

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A breakdown of tasks from Trevor (quiz event related)

Trevor Montague - bestselling author of the A to Z Books

Trevor very kindly spent an afternoon listing the tasks that the students will need to look at. These are to include creating a budget, creating and handing out the flyer and of course arranging the quiz, food, and entertainment for the night. Lucy, mentioned below, is the representative from Children in Crisis. You’ll note below that Graham Harding has very kindly donated a night for two at the Ritz as one of the auction items.

Tasks that will need doing –

Create a budget to ensure the evening breaks evening. This will necessitate contacting the Eggheads to inquire about travel expenses. All of the Egghead team have been offered travelling expenses. The hotel has offered five £160 rooms for £50 each and the £250 must be built into the budget as it is a diploma/school cost. All other hotel costs must be finalised including the reception/catering and any bulk discounts. Maximum establishment must be clarified i.e. how many tables can be accommodated comfortably and how many people per table. A price per table/seat can now be arrived at. I was an accountant in a previous existence so if any help is required I shall be happy to oblige.

Create flyers to send out to potential market

The flyers should be in colour and depict all seven of the Eggheads and Trevor Montague as host – described as the author of the best-selling A to Z of almost Everything and founder of the British Quiz Association. Something along the lines of “The celebrated Eggheads are coming to Croydon – would you like to play against them – or possibly with them?” The text information must include the designated charity (Children In Crisis), time and place of quiz, price of tables/seats, reference to raffle and auction  (cannot list items at this early stage), any inducements such as free catering details and champagne reception, prizes offered etc, website details for entering (deadlines included) and making donations, any other information deemed worthy by the students, for instance if small firms are contacted and they cannot fill a table of say 10 then we can supply individuals to help including quiz experts if required. I shall attend a meeting at the school shortly and choose the best flyer. Lucy Porter, the events planner at Children In Crisis shall also attend and no doubt have some input into this also.

Auction and raffle items – The entry price must cover all the proposed costs of the school and any amounts over must be signed over to the designated Charity, Children In Crisis. A raffle is a good idea and this is something that must be discussed with Lucy Porter as all proceeds will go to the designated charity. On the night itself it will be the duty of designated people to sell raffle tickets continually. The main revenue offered to the designated charity will inevitably be from the auction which will take place midway through the evening. I understand there will be a minimum of two competing student teams being assessed for this segment of the diploma and it will be their duty to arrange suitable auction items. It is usual to have a minimum of half a dozen or so auction items and Lucy has already given the process a kickstart by arranging a night at The Ritz as one of the items. Ingenuity will be required here but I would suggest an announcement to the schools at assembly and asking friends and family with businesses that might want publicity (donors can be mentioned on the website). Typical items could be golf days, flights, signed football shirts, works of art etc although the last two might be beyond the scope of even the most scavenging students. I suggest looking at your market and then weigh up the possibilities, even offers of car cleaning by students is possible. It is important to liaise with Lucy on this and I too may be able to help if desperate remedies are required.

I do not propose to set a bog standard table quiz and am open to ideas from the students to make use of the IT technology we have at our command – and the Eggheads!. It is however always a good idea to begin with an introductory picture round as it focuses the teams from the start and this pre-quiz round can be left on the tables before commencement of introductions. Note that one of the most frustrating things that quiz players have to put up with is lack of pics for each person. I attended a quiz last evening and we had one pic between seven of us! Please ensure tables of ten have ten pics with one of them being the master sheet to fill in answers. I suggest at least 20 pics covering the world of fashion, tv and film, reality tv and current affairs. We can even have a dingbat round as well if they are particularly inspired. Other rounds I would like to set could be a tv theme tune round, advert themes, pop songs etc. I will email a few examples but it will be the responsibility of the teams to produce a tight production of 10 questions so a simple press of a button will produce a continuous track for the questions followed by another track which must include both the questions and the resultant answers. I shall make this clear when I download a few examples. Teams will be responsible for marking and checking all returned papers. It is possible to save work by asking tables to swap papers although I have never been a fan of this method myself. Whatever we do it must be a well-oiled machine and a fail-safe checking system must be implemented. Remember, if I am hosting the quiz then my reputation is at stake and I pride myself in eliminating errors so the quiz must be authenticated. Every table must have an answer pack, paper pack and pencils. I suggest rehearsals to ensure the technology works and is user-friendly. It will probably not be possible to practice at the venue which might be booked out but please do enquire to the possibility. If practice is done at the school please ensure the same technology is available at the hotel venue.

On the night it is important to arrive at least an hour before guests arrive, in fact, the earliest the hotel staff will let us in. We have three microphones available and these must all be tested for sound quality as must the IT equipment.

As you can see from these few rough guidelines there is an awful lot of planning and preparation for a one-off event like this. I have a local paper-cutting of a similar event held in my home town which I shall post to Miss Benjamin. I shall expect you to exceed what this school achieved with a similar amount of students.

Success will be measured by maximising revenue but also by maximising the enjoyment of the guests.

I will endeavour to be available at all times as your safe backstop or if you have any practical queries (non-technical I should add) so let’s have fun.

Lucy and I shall attend the school, possibly on Tuesday 21 September and by that date I shall expect the teams to have a budget implemented with a suggested table price. I shall also expect to see a dummy flyer of professional standard which can be used to advertise the event. The other minimum requirement is to have a dedicated website set up that can accept entries into the quiz and this must be linked to all local firms taking part. Please try and compete with the other team by negotiating auction or raffle items if possible and also approaching local firms with a promise of a flyer (further details) to follow. Time will be of the essence once I speak with you as two months soon goes and it is important to tie firms down early before they organise alternative events over the Christmas period.

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Allocation of Teams & Overview of task

For Unit 3, students need to work in teams and compete against each other to raise funds for charity. Members of the winning team will each receive a prize. There are awards for all the benchmarks on the way and so there is much to achieve and look forward to.

The business objective: In a nutshell, there are two charities for which students must raise money. The first is the Purley Cross centre, Purley. This community centre is responsible for launching the Purley Christmas lights every December, but have recently struggled with coming up with the money to make this happen. The estimated amount they require for the Christmas Lights is £5000. Students are aware of this objective and in their teams will try to raise as much money as possible towards this goal. The other charity is Children in Crisis. Most of the funding for Children in Crisis will come from the auction items and money raised during the proposed quizzing event to be held on the 2nd of December 2010. The money raised (we hope they’ll raise!) for the tables and ticket entry could potentially go towards the Purley Cross Community Centre.

The Croydon Park hotel has been booked (a beautiful suite costing us £500 for the evening). Catering costs are expected to be about £15 a head. Ticket prices for entry to the quizzing event are TBC but are anticipated to be set at about £50 per head, £500 for a table of ten individuals. Students (in their respective teams) will have to source these individuals or Croydon firms and it isn’t going to be an easy task!

In addition to this they will be required to use ICT tools to raise money in other ways (e.g. create a website, sell a product, etc etc).

Students had the opportunity to speak to Trevor Montague, A to Z Author, and he explained that the first thing they needed to get done was the promotional flyer for the quizzing event. This would be given out to individuals and Croydon firms in the hope that they would sign up to be part of this charity quizzing event.

The teams are as follows:

Team #1

Tevin, Alistair and Geewai

Team #2

Rodard, Omar, Alice and Matt

Each individual in both teams is now required to get working on an appropriate flyer (the details of which (provided by Trevor) are below)

Task: Creation of Flyers

Create flyers to send out to potential market
The flyers should be in colour and depict all seven of the Eggheads and Trevor Montague as host – described as the author of the best-selling A to Z of almost Everything and founder of the British Quiz Association. Something along the lines of “The celebrated Eggheads are coming to Croydon – would you like to play against them – or possibly with them?” The text information must include the designated charity (Children In Crisis), time and place of quiz, price of tables/seats, reference to raffle and auction (cannot list items at this early stage), any inducements such as free catering details and champagne reception, prizes offered etc, website details for entering (deadlines included) and making donations, any other information deemed worthy by the students, for instance if small firms are contacted and they cannot fill a table of say 10 then we can supply individuals to help including quiz experts if required. I shall attend a meeting at the school shortly and choose the best flyer. Lucy Porter, the events planner at Children In Crisis shall also attend and no doubt have some input into this also.

What to include? -Helpful Hints

The students – in their teams – will have to decide what will work best for their flyer. Will it be a leaflet or a single flyer? Double sided? It has been advised that they include the following in some shape or form:

  • picture of the eggheads and Trevor
  • response form of some sort? (is this is a good idea or not?)
  • details of When, Where, What (e.g. Where: Croydon Park Hotel
    When: 2nd December, 7-9:30PM; What: Raising money for charity & a memorable evening!
    Price: £500 per table (Local Croydon Firms and individuals) £50 per head. Includes: Champagne reception, full buffet, drinks, prizes, charity auction, bingo, table photographs with Trevor Montague & the Eggheads. It promises to be a memorable evening of fun, food and quizzing with the best)

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Day #1

The Diploma in IT has finally come to Croydon. The 14-19 Diplomas, as you know, were a new nationwide initiative brought in by the Labour government. It was hoped they would be the answer to bridging the academic and vocational divide as well as serve to provide useful, relevant and worthy qualifications that would truly bring learning to life. Despite funding being cut, and poor recruitment (a minimum B in Maths was our cut off), we’re finally off to a start with a bunch of seven brilliant students. The Diploma will definitely be a challenge, but it is hoped we will use the funding available to reward students for their achievements, as well as provide them with real work-based experiences that will set them apart from their peers. Archbishop Tenison’s School, Croydon, is currently the only school in Croydon delivering the advanced, Level 3 Diploma in IT.
#Day 1 – students were introduced to the Diploma and what it entails. The different components of the Diploma were outlined along with course expectations.
The Diploma is an aggregate qualification worth 3.5 A Levels. It includes:
  • 7 Principal Learning Units (2 Exams, 5 Coursework Units)
  • Additional Specialist Learning (An A Level of their choice)
  • Functional Skills (Maths, English, IT)
  • Extended Project
  • Work Experience 10 days.
We anticipate to complete four units (one exam unit) in the first year, and do the rest in year 2. The two units we are tackling in the run up to Christmas are:
Unit 2: Understanding Organisations (external exam unit)
Unit 3: Professional Development (working together in teams to meet business objectives).
Unit 3 is particularly exciting as students will have the opportunity to work with and for two charities and Trevor Montague, the best selling author of the A to Z of almost Everything. Trevor is also the founder of the British quizzing association, and has done a great deal of work behind the scenes to ensure that this unit will be a wonderful experience for our learners. More on in my next post….

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